Hi Everyone, we’re going to have a special Ask-Me-Anything sessions for our new channels!

AMA stands for “Ask-Me-Anything”. AMA is a "crowdsourced interview" where our community asks a host questions, within a specific period of time. For the entire week, from 28 January (Monday) to 3 February (Sunday) 2019, you will get to ask our hosts anything related to their channels!

For this US Stock Market Channel, you host is @ValueInvestAsia
Stanley Lim, CoFounder of ValueInvestAsia.com and Co-author of "Value Investing In Asia: The Definitive Guide To Investing In Asia".

Value Invest Asia is a financial site that have been shortlisted by Singapore Exchange (SGX) Orb Awards as one of the three “GoTo.com” financial websites in Singapore.

Value Invest Asia is here to bridge that gap, to provide the information necessary for investors to make informed decisions when investing in Asia. Much of the financial advice given in the market today are filled with conflict of interests. Value Invest Asia search out their own research, cut through the smokes in the market and get to the truth. Value Invest Asia only relies on public information and seek out the best of the best investors to learn from them.

Go on, Ask Him Anything related to US markets by posting in the comments below for this AMA post and he will reply!

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Thanks everyone for participating in our first AMA sessions ever. The AMA sessions have now officially come to an end.

A special shout-out to our kind AMA hosts for answering all our community members' questions! They really did a great job!

We will have more of such sessions to come, for now Happy CNY everyone!


Hi Stanley, as a professional money manager, do you use charts to guide your investments or do you mostly rely on fundamentals? In your line of work, are charts regarded as hocus pocus voodoo stuff that respectable professional should not rely too much on?


Reply to @avtm : Hi, I am not a professional fund manager. I am merely investing my own money like everyone else.
I don;t use any TA charts. Rather than saying I don't believe in them, I will say I really just dont understand them


For US stock market, what are some good brokerages that you would recommend and is suitable for SG investors who want to start investing in US market?


Reply to @kc_30 : I think all brokerage in Singapore will allow US access. They are all relatively similar. I would not worry too much about it


1) What is the ideal number of stocks you recommend to hold for retail investors? Someone had mentioned that a 3 stocks portfolio is sufficient diversification.
2)What are the 3 most important or must-have criteria for a company before you consider other factors?
3) How long do you study a business before making decision?
4) How is your portfolio performance since you started investing?


Reply to @ValueInvestAsia : Thanks for your reply.

The 3 stocks idea is from Buffett and Munger. I am holding 9 currently, which I am very comfortable with.


IMO, 10-12% over 10 years is very good performance.

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Hi Stanley,
How to you value technology stock like Amazon, Salesforce, Adobe etc?
They are always extremely expensive. And if you wait for it to become cheap, the opportunity cost is extremely high.


Reply to @ValueInvestAsia : Hi Stanley,
Thank you for your reply.
In other words, you don't really look at valuation when comes to Technology stocks? More of the Business Potential & Management?
So can I say, when you decided eComm has a lot of addressable market, you just buy Amazon at it's market price?

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Just gonna repeat the same qn I posted to another AMA. What are some of the important, yet frequently overlooked/rarely mentioned by others, stuff you do when you're conducting your due diligence process?


Reply to @marginofsafety : I think the one thing I like to point out about my investment style that is different from most investor is not something people overlooked but rather something most investors obsessed over.
Most investors I feel is too focused on valuation. But personally I think valuation is a very subjective measure and I don't take it too seriously.
i prefer to focus more on the actual growth and market potential of a company.
If we are holding a stock for the long term, you will realise the return that you get from it will revert back to its average growth rate instead of its valuation.


Hi all. Stanley from ValueInvestAsia here. Nice to meet all of you. I am sure we will have a great conversation among ourselves this week. Fire away your questions!


can you share your list of value counters in US and how you rank them? thanks!


Reply to @opy : I tend to think about how I think the world will move forward in the next decade and form my investment thesis around that.

If you ask me if the world will move to be more technological enabled or we will move back in time and become more mechanical, I think I believe in the former.
And because of that, all the FANG stocks are the leaders in bring us the next digital age.
Thus, my optimism in them, For the long term of course

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Hi Mr Stanley Lim, what are some differences between value investing in U.S versus Asian markets such as Hong Kong, China and Singapore?


Reply to @avtm : There is so much in difference. I think generally we have to understand the market potential of each market. As SG is a small market, it is not the best place to look for growing stocks.
The US and HK market will have more stocks with higher growth potential.
However, yield in Singapore is very decent. While US stocks are affected by a 30% withholding tax, buying dividend stock in US is not that attractive.


Feel free to ask your host @ValueInvestAsia, anything related to US stock market!

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