Hi Everyone, we’re going to have a special Ask-Me-Anything sessions for our new channels!

AMA stands for “Ask-Me-Anything”. AMA is a "crowdsourced interview" where our community asks a host questions, within a specific period of time. For the entire week, from 28 January (Monday) to 3 February (Sunday) 2019, you will get to ask our hosts anything related to their channels!

For this SG Stock Market Channel, you host is @Terence_Wong Terence Wong, CEO and Executive Director of Azure Capital.

Voted as the Best Country Analyst in the Asiamoney Brokers Poll, Terence managed RHB Investment Bank’s multi-award winning research team in Singapore prior to founding Azure Capital. RHB was named the top research house in the Starmine Analyst Awards in 2013 and 2014, and has consistently been ranked #1 for small cap research by Asiamoney.

Before RHB, Terence was the CEO and Chief Investment Analyst of SIAS Research, Singapore’s largest independent equity research outfit. Terence constantly shares his views on the stock market with the media despite looking less svelte on TV than the actors he is said to resemble. He is also well-quoted across both international and local print media. Terence has spoken before more than 25,000 investors in over 150 seminars. He believes this is an industry record, but has yet to verify with the Singapore Book of Records.

Go on, Ask Him Anything related to SG stock market by posting in the comments below for this AMA post and he will reply!

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Thanks everyone for participating in our first AMA sessions ever. The AMA sessions have now officially come to an end.

A special shout-out to our kind AMA hosts for answering all our community members' questions! They did a great job!

We will have more of such sessions to come, for now Happy CNY everyone!


Hi all, I believe I have replied to all your queries. If I happen to miss anyone out, give me a shout!

Thanks so much for participating. It has been fun :)


Reply to @Terence_Wong : Hi Terence, appreciate you coming to share.


What are your thoughts on Wilmar and YZJ? is it too late for an investor to get in to take advantage of any upside?


Reply to @metalcorn : I have yet to invest in any of the companies, though they keep popping up on my screens. Wilmar should see a catalyst in the listing of its China operations in Shanghai by the end of the year. It has a sizeable presence in China, being the largest edible oil refiner as well as rice and flour miller.

YZJ should see strong growth given that the yards are full for this year and next. Balance sheet is also strong, with a sizeable cash hoard. But it will be affected by a potential weakening of the USD.


Hi, is it a good idea to sell off a stock if capital gain is 50% to realize profit? Or should one continue to hold on to the stock? What's your view on Oil and Gas sector companies?


Reply to @joerha : I would look at the target price rather than the absolute returns. If I think that the company is worth twice as much (100% upside), i may only take profit when it is up 70-80%.

As for the Oil & Gas sector, I believe it will make a comeback this year after a dreadful 4Q 2018. Prices came off by over 40% on concerns of poor demand and oversupply. Judging from manufacturing and industrial numbers, demand should improve. Coupled with production cut by OPEC, oil prices will likely head north.


Hi Terence, as a professional money manager, do you use charts to guide your investments or do you mostly rely on fundamentals? In your line of work, are charts regarded as hocus pocus voodoo stuff that respectable professional should not rely too much on?


Reply to @avtm : I use fundamental analysis to determine a good company worth investing in, and will on some occasions look at the charts to time the buy.


hi all, i will be out of the office the whole day for meetings and seminars. i will be giving 2 talks - one in the afternoon and another in the evening. i will get back to you on your queries after the events (and perhaps add in some insights from my talks :)


Hi Terence, HRnetgroup has the elements of potential growth but share price not so despite profitable. Also what do you view growth companies in need of cash to grow yet do cash buy back.


Reply to @CoryLogics : HRnet is a quality company but not many retail investors know about them. It is tightly held by the Sim family as well as institutions like Aberdeen.

If the companies are in the growth phase, they should use the cash for that and improve shareholders' value through good growth.


Hi Terence, any views on Sapphire Corp and Global Invacom? Thank you.


Reply to @Terence_Wong : When was the last time you met the management of ISDN?
Would it be a company you would still be interested to meet?

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Hi Terence, how do u justify buying small caps stocks in Singapore?Some small caps in SG face alot of competition,overly dependent on few clients, inconsistent margins and cashflow,Even for the fundamentally strong ones like Hi P, the run was not sustainable and the drop was quick and sharp. Or Apac realty which i hold, with good PEs, yields and dividend payout ratios, there is still general lack of buying interest when index move and other stocks move.Are they only good for counter trend than buy and hold?Waiting for the breakout and run can be a pain which may not justify buying them?


Hi Terence, would like to seek your view on investing in STI ETF as a whole. with a dividend of around 5% p.a, but without much growth as index components are all very matured and lack rotation within index means limited capital gains. Would it be in your view more worth to invest in say HSI , Nikkei or US markets for a longer run investment profile with aim of stable capital growth?

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