IPO strategy and sharing thread
(Specifically for month of June 2017 using live example)

One of my favourite way to make money from stocks is through IPO, and I would share my strategy using live example as got 3 IPO coming out. Usually if the IPO is very good and relatively safe, I will apply and ask my friends or relatives or loved one to apply. It is not sure win and there are risk as if fall below water means lose money. If can get is bonus, if cannot get just throw the $2 as a wasted lottery ticket. If the ballot ratio is 10%, then every 10 account usually 1 will get based on probability. Using Kimly as example, if I get some I will make a handsome profit but if I do not get I lose $2. IPO is all about luck too, and you need to be tactical when apply. If apply rubbish will lose so is an art to apply IPO. Usually if you do not know how to do IPO is best not to apply or try. As good IPO you get very little to none while lousy rubbish you tend to get all and is a disaster usually if you apply 10000 get 10000 as 9 out of 10 time is below water or open same price as IPO price.

For month of June, I will super positive on HRnetGroup due to strong cornerstone investors and it hit al my indicators for a good IPO to subscribe. For Sanli I will be applying too but it did not hit all my indicators. For World Global I will avoid as not comfortable with it. Please do your own due dilligence as I am sharing my IPO strategy live for month of June.

Also do note when I apply I apply only last day just prior to 12 noon so that my money get stuck 1 day if weekday and 1-3 days of over weekend or holiday. Like Sanli I plan to apply on 6th June before 12 noon. This is my strategy and quite good and prevent my fund from being stuck a longer period. I try to utilize my capital wisely.

Good luck all.

This post is not to induce buying and selling. Just for education and sharing purposes. Please do your own due diligence. Past performance on IPO record does not indicate future performance as things could change as now public offer is given more. Thanks :) $Sanli Env(1E3)

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I will be applying SIA retail bonds at $1, yield 3.03% closing on 26 March 12 noon. I expect it to open above water.


DBS bookrunner :- retail bonds


Would you be applying for Kofu? @Li_Guang_Sheng


Skip Jawala for me as I do not like to take risk. Although little script but fundamental lousy and PE so high.


Hello... what is your view on hyphens?


I applied for 100K as well. Didn't manage to get any.


Sold 12000 SLB at opening $0.26. Applied 100k.

Limit Order

Apr 20 2018 8:38AM
Apr 20 2018 8:58AM



Reply to @ergkmaslowcari : This is 50% chance. This one you cannot get is you apply one account. If you use wife, son, parents sure get based on probability. On average every 2 account apply 1 will get. Is luck.

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What's the probability of SLB performing better than Lian Beng?


Reply to @MorningStarTrader : Unable to tell. As newly listed stock depend on BBs strategic plan. Some pump and pump while some pump and dump on opening.


IPO updates:
SLB Development Ltd

There are a few factors affecting the pricing.
- Larger float 8 million shares to the public,
- Placement is not tightly controlled (as FSM can easily get the placement)
- Good track record of Lian Beng and access to Gaobeodian

I believe this Company will perform above water above $0.23 but not much upside. The price is expected to launch between $0.23 - $0.28 (barring any trade wars or poor sentiments due to Syria war). For those who can get placement and at 1% placement fee may not win if open slightly above IPO price. For those who can get IPO from ATM likely have less risk.

Based on what we teach, this is not a sure win IPO. But on info gathered, as property sector booming, it should open above $0.23. Enter at your own risk. I will be applying. Unless Syria war escalated that badly. I will check clear until 12 noon 18th April.
Qualitas Medical

There was supposed to be some news on 11th April but there is no news till now. KIV. May not apply. As clinic in Malaysia and did not hear any strong cornerstone investor.
Asian Healthcare Specialists Limited.
Only for private placement. Those who can get please take. I am unable to get.

IPO $0.23. Should open above $0.23. May creep up on opening. The reason being the public float is 16.2%, which means not many shares floating in open market and rightly controlled. The owners do get private placement will tend to play it up. Could be a similar play to Clear Bridge. Expect $0.30 and above on opening, after which enter at your own risk. In conclusion, this Company will perform well at launch as medical stock is in play. The listed price is below its peer. One thing which can affect it negatively is Syria situation.


Reply to @sherlytjendra : I think you need to know the boss. If not no chance.

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any on-the-ground observation for SLB Development? and maybe Asian Healthcare Specialists too (although there's no public tranche, but would still love to hear about it). Thanks in advance :)


Reply to @zoniber93 : Ok I will summarize. Post above.

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