New Feature: FX, Personal Finance, MY, US and HK market channels

We've just released new channels! This includes Forex, Personal Finance, Malaysian, American and Hong Kong stock market channels.

Many of our community members have requested for FX and foreign market data. You spoke and we listened, so here we are!

This brings us closer to our goal of being The One social platform to rule them all.

Special thanks to everyone who've given us the support, kind understanding and patience in our cause.

What's the difference?

1) Each channel will help categorize, segment and archive content more appropriately
2) Will help everyone to look for relevant content more effectively
3) We now have intraday-delayed FX, MY, US and HK stock market data. Major FX pairs can now be searched under our search bar.
4) More things under one InvestingNote platform

How you can help as our community member:

1) When sharing a post, please select the relevant category (equity, forex, personal finance) of your content. This will help others to find your work in a more efficient, categorised manner.

2) You will be able to select more than one category. But please keep it to the relevant context of your posting.

3) For MY, US and HK markets, you will only need to tag the stocks from those markets and it will automatically appear in the respective channels.

Please refer to the pdf attached for the full details!

If you have any feedbacks or suggestions, feel free to comment below!

We hope this update will be useful. Thanks everyone!

**Please note that this is currently only for website. We will update our apps soon.

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Hi @InvestingNote, are you guys able to read my post if I share with my followers only?


Reply to @InvestingNote : Hope to receive the update from your wonderful team! Cheers!

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Hi @InvestingNote, the pdf says the forex data is based on intraday data, but the chart shows the normal 1 Day/Week/Month, which is not intraday. Also the AUD currency dont seem to be available, e.g. audsgd, audusd. Thanks.


Reply to @thosai : Hi thosai, thanks for the feedback! For the data, it's intraday prices but not in the chart. We will try to add the data for the pairs you mentioned if possible.

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