* Public Announcement - Search Enhancement * 

Hi everyone, 

The search functionality has been upgraded to improve search experience for users as contents on our site has grown in scale, with over 1 million postings. Our previous search infrastructure can no longer support such scale. 

The upgrade includes - 

  • intelligent search for stocks, users, posts, comments, topics by keywords 
  • improved speed on search 
  • improved UI for search page
  • search in stock detail pages and user profile page 
  • filtering of search result based on categories such as post mentioning stocks, post by contributors

We are still in the midst of optimizing the search so if there is any issue, do let us know.

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I really like how you kepts put in the effort to improve the site. A full blown portfolio management would be awesome :p


Reply to @rafaellohyis : Yeah if same as stock cafe and freeee

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