The Systematic Trader

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Pages 218
Author Collin Seow with Chin Yong Sak
Format Online Ebook (Not Downloadable)

Know Exactly The Most Trending Stocks To Trade. Buy And Sell Using A Time-Tested System. Manage Your Risk Like A Professional Fund Manager.

You will also learn:

  • How to make up to 150% returns using this methodology
  • How you can prevent large losses when investing and trading
  • The steps that I took to pay off my $250,000 debt (9% interest) in 18 months
  • Additional shorter-term strategies to trade for an income of 3% – 20% within 5 days
  • To 3X your trading potential when a good trade is found.
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    Chapter 2 • In this easy to read book, Collin shared important concepts like Pay-off Ratio and Probability of Win which if followed religiously, traders are on their way to profitability. A book highly recommended to new traders and for seasoned ones, it’s a good recap. Good and interesting introduction of the “Precession Effect” theory. This will definitely give traders a shift in perception on why are they trading and re-determine their trading goals. Now, they will know what to focus on.

    Chapter 3 • Being a remisier himself, Collin is the best person to share the different products available in the market to build and accumulate ones wealth. Really like the way Collins shares on whole-round coverage selflessly!

    Chapter 4 • Great strategies with detailed explanations and illustrations. Not only did Collin wish to share what he knows, he wants you to understand what he is telling you. A great book to get if you are serious in trading.

    Chapter 5 • Not only does Collin share his proprietary CSI Trading System, he drilled the importance of understanding the systems used. This is an important idea because only with a good understanding of the system, traders will be able to make the necessary tweaks (to the parameters) to suit different market conditions. This, is the key to profitable trading. All in all, a great book for serious traders.

    Chapter 7 • Great book with the concept of ”Position Sizing Plan (PSP)” well explained and illustrated. Traders will be able to better plan their money for income creation and wealth accumulation, while keeping risk and money management in check.

    Chapter 8 • Love the way Collin categorized the different types of traders. Agree with him the importance of knowing what kind of trader you are, so as to identify the necessary actions or plans to take in order to stay profitable.

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