The DIY Guide To: Winning With REITs

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Author Ivan Ho
Year 2017
Format Online Ebook (Not Downloadable)
Pages 106
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Book Description

Once upon a time, a working individual could join the work force, labor for the same company for many years before retiring comfortably through the pension provided by the company.

Having a company take care of your retirement would be equivalent to being trapped in a lift with a billionaire and both falling in love eventually; a fairy tale.

What this means is that if you are ever hope to retire ‘comfortably’ then you are going to need to take matters into your own hands, you’ve got to do it yourself (DIY), which is where this book comes in handy.

As an ongoing movement to highlight the importance of dividend investing, the 2nd edition of The DIY Guide To: Winning with REITs was written for investors who love the idea of snow balling their dividend payouts and generate a sustainable form of passive income.

Written in a ‘get-to-the-point’ format, this book will take you past the long winded theories and dives straight into the actionable steps on how to go about mastering this investment class.

This expanded edition will share with you:
✔ How To Select Performing REITs
✔ How To Build And Manage A Diversified REIT Portfolio Efficiently
✔ The Varies Kinds Of Reits (US/Asia) And The Reasons Why You Should Invest In Them
✔ And Much More!

Throw away those get-rich quick schemes and speculative trades! It’s time to make invest properly!


“After reading a few charters, I found the concepts to be simple, straight forward, yet comprehensive enough for anyone with the determination to establish a secondary income. Keep up the good work in sharing your knowledge with the investment committee.” – Charles Bridge, CFO of a Venture capital fund

"This book provides down to earth commentaries with a personal touch. It is very simple to read and understand for the layman with lots of pertinent examples and interesting scenarios" – Trevor Yeo, Banker

“A good book for investors who wish to understand more about the nature of how REITs work and learn how to decipher their financial statements in a simple manner.” – Brian Halim, Founder of the popular ForeverFinancialFreedom investment blog

"Practical guide for investing in REITs. Empowers the busy layman to achieve respectable returns while avoiding critical pitfalls." - Eric Long, Secondary School Teacher

About The Author

Ivan, graduated from one of Asia’s top business schools and trained as an lead trainer in various industries. Ivan is an avid value investor since 2007, and is considered by many as an up and coming leading authority on Dividend Yielding Investments.

With his second published book: Winning with REITs, Ivan looks to help everyday, average investors significantly improve their investment returns and manage their portfolio risks properly.

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