Techno-Fundamental Analysis: Using A Hybrid Combination of Fundamental & Technical Analysis to Identify Stock Market Opportunities
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Techno-Fundamental Analysis: Using A Hybrid Combination of Fundamental & Technical Analysis to Identify Stock Market Opportunities

This is a premium analysis which uses a hybrid combination of both technical and fundamental analysis. This is meant for individuals who are looking for stock market opportunities identified from the top 2 financial influencers in InvestingNote LynLynNakamori and Li Guang Sheng.

*this premium subscription was previously known as: Strategic Investing: Taking Advantage Of Corporate Actions.*

Service Description

“If you do what most people are doing, you get what most people are getting.”

Since investing is a game of probability, what more can you do to increase this probability?

Get as much financial education as possible and find a method that can let you GET IT RIGHT by having the Right Entry for the Right Stock at the Right Price and hit the Right Target Price!

At this point, you may be wondering, is this is even possible?

If you value your time and want to speed up your learning journey AND increase your probability of success, I’ve got good news for you.


The US and China have agreed to a 90-day pause to their ongoing trade war to avoid escalation.
• What’s next for Brexit?
• Singapore economy is expected to grow by “1.5 to 3.5 per cent” in 2019 vs “3.0 to 3.5 per cent” in 2018.
• What can we expect in 2019?
• How much longer can the bull market last?
• How do you invest in such challenging period?

Fret not! LynLyn & Guang Sheng are here for you!

Together they will identify:

✔ What stocks are in play now?
✔ What companies should I put on my watchlist?
✔ Which stocks are showing signs of reversal?
✔ When is the right time to enter?
✔ When is the right time to exit?

You will know FIRSTHAND what stocks we are looking so you can start to put them on your watchlist (see stock example 1: Hi-P, stock example 2: Genting, stock example 3: Best World) You will also be informed what stocks to avoid/sell to prevent further losses.
Most importantly, you will be guided by LynLyn and Guang Sheng!

Example 1: Hi-P
First Posted date: 02 Nov 2018 (Place Under Watchlist: Awaiting Breakout)

Updated Posted date: 16 Nov 2018 (Spotted the reversal sign)

Updated Posted date: 23 Nov 2018, Entry Price: $0.81

Updated Posted date: 30 Nov 2018, Exit Price: $1.06 (Take Profit Zone triggered on 30 Nov 2018)
Profit: +30%

Example 2: Genting
Posted date: 21 Nov 2018, Target Price: $1.00

Posted date: 22 Nov 2018, Entry Price: $0.92

Updated Posted date: 03 Dec 2018, Exit Price; $1.00 (Take Profit Zone triggered on 03 Dec 2018, Target Price met)

Profit: +9%

Stock example 3: Best World
Posted date: 31 Aug 2018 Best World International is a Singapore headquartered company which specialises in the development, manufacture and distribution of premium skincare, personal care, nutritional and wellness products, to its member customers in the 12 markets the Group operates in.

Its main channel of distribution is through direct marketing and takes up about 80%. Company has announced that the export segment in China portion of the revenue is not reported in this quarter, there is a possibility that there could be good gains within the next quarter when this earning is reported in the next quarter. We have some sources about the company doing well in the China region.

They have also recently announced that they have recently completed transition to Franchise Model in China. Just within the “last weeks of June 2018”, the Franchise Segment recorded prelude revenues of $0.8 million (!) as the Group’s China subsidiary, Best World (China) Pharmaceutical (BWCP), commenced sales of certain SKUs to several franchisees.

This gives Best World a chance to increase in price due to its good revenue reporting for the next quarter. Given that there is already 0.8 million dollars of sales done within a few weeks, it seems like there is a good potential in it as also reflected by the management. There is a good chance for gains in this.

What You Can Expect

Adhoc Market Pulse: Analysis and trends on financial markets
Regular Stock Alert: Identifying stock opportunities using the Power of 2: Techno-Fundamental Analysis
- For example, Manufacturing PMI contracted to 49.4 in November and below 50 is a contraction.
- Let LynLyn's chart tell you what to do, and Guang Sheng will direct you to the right track.
Trade Plan: Stock Chart with simple and clear entry, stop loss and take profits zone.
Ask Them Anything: Ask any question that you might have.

Exclusive BONUS

✔ Networking session only exclusive to our private group members which you get to hear from Li Guang Sheng and LynLyn live in action!

Who Should Subscribe

✔ You would like to have a method to increase your probability of success
✔ You don’t have much time to research on stocks and would like to leverage on the analysis conducted by both LynLyn and Guang Sheng.
✔ You would like to have a clear direction on every trade plan.
✔ You want to learn from these 2 investment experts.

*This subscription includes information that is not only limited to SGX-listed stocks.

About the Provider

Wealth Coach Academy
Wealth Coach Academy started with the mission to empower people to make better financial decisions. We believe that financial education is essential and it can acquired by anyone. We create a platform and collaborate with experts for them to impart their knowledge and experience for everyone, to learn, share and enjoy the process of learning.

Wealth Coach Academy's principal trainer is Li Guang Sheng. He is a familiar face in InvestingNote whom ranked Number 1 with more than 4300 followers. Guang Sheng has more than 15 years of experience and was ranked 2nd in Yahoo! Finance Gazillionaire Trading competition in 2010. He has appeared on TV, was featured in The Edge Magazine.

Currently a Top Tier Remisier in Singapore, his forte lies in value investing and fundamental analysis. He also spends a considerable amount of time looking for opportunities in SGX companies through their corporate actions. Over the years, he has built a clientele base that includes high net worth individuals, retail investors, hedge funds, listed companies and clan associations.

Actively involved in giving back to society, he served as the President of Rotary Club of Shenton (2009-2011), Assistant Governor for Rotary District 3310 in (2013/14) and board of director in Foundation of Rotary Clubs Singapore (2010-2015). Currently, he is the District 3310 Rotaract Chairperson and also the Vice Chairman of Rotary Family Service Centre in Clementi.

He graduated from NUS with a Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (Economics) with Merit. His main philosophy of investing is to ‘Keep it Simple’. As a principal trainer at Wealth Coach Academy, he believes that everyone can acquire these skills and knowledge if they are willing to learn. Using Wealth Coach Academy’s platform, he hopes to help people make better financial decisions.

LynLyn Nakamori
LynLyn is InvestingNote’s Top contributor with almost 10000 posts! She is passionate about Technical Analysis and has spent a lot of time to understand charts, patterns, trends and price movements. Up-to-date, she has created more than 5,000 charts. LynLyn prefers to lead a private life and made her fortune through stock trading. Visit her profile here: @LynlynNakamori.

The information, commentary and recommendations provided here and to the subscribers (i) are purely our opinions and views and are not supported, sanctioned or endorsed in any way; (ii) are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied; (iii) are not intended to and do not create/induce the creation of any binding legal relations; (iv) are for general information only and no assessment has been made as to the suitability of the information for you/the subscribers; (v) do not have any regard to your/the subscribers’ specific investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs, and do not constitute an investment advice; and (vi) are not intended and therefore should not be taken as any offer or solicitation to do any investment or trade. As always, the decision to trade and/or invest remains solely with you/the subscribers. All information provided have been procured from sources believed to be reliable and accurate (but whose reliability and accuracy cannot be and are not warranted). Recommendations and opinions are subject to change without notice. Past performance is not indicative of future results. All investments are subject to investment risks including possible loss of the principal amount invested. There shall be no liability to you/the subscribers for any direct/indirect or any other damages of any kind arising from or in connection with your/the subscribers’ reliance on any information, commentary and recommendations provided.

By subscribing, you also agree to InvestingNote's terms and conditions here.


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