Strategic Investing: Taking Advantage Of Corporate Actions
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Strategic Investing: Taking Advantage Of Corporate Actions

This is a mentoring programme meant for individuals who are looking to learn from Li Guang Sheng when to capitalize on Corporate Actions and Announcements from companies.

Service Description

Have you ever wondered why stock price dropped despite good earnings reports?

Are you aware that most retail investors lose money in the Stocks Market and the probability of winning the Big Boys are so low and yet so many people still want to jump into it?

In fact, most often retail Investors are disadvantaged and are always caught unaware in the stock market because they don’t have the same information the “big boys” have. This way they ended up chasing stocks late into action and became “stocks collectors or long-term investors”.

With the limited information that a retail investor has, knowing what to trade (no need to beat the Big boys just need to think like them and follow them) and when to trade before the “Action” takes place gives an investor good profit potential and consistency with calculated risk.

Here's the solution: A trading strategy based on Corporate Actions to alert you the next winning stock.

A scan of business news on any given day will show activities that may be of little interest to most readers. However, to people who know how to take advantage of price movements caused by significant corporate actions and announcements, these events are great opportunities warranting close attention.

Recent headlines show catalysts abound:
• Rowsley Ltd (aka Thomson Medical Group Limited) proposed bonus issue of free warrants to existing shareholders
• BreadTalk Group Limited proposed share split
• JEP Holdings Ltd proposed share consolidation
• Raffles Education proposed renounceable non-underwritten rights issue of up to 318,585,026 ordinary shares

Do you know that corporate actions by a company can have a significant impact on its stock price?

Why is it important to understand how corporate actions impact stock price?

Because Corporate Actions happen all the time!

So what exactly are Corporate Actions?

These are actions by the company, which can have a Significant Impact on the value of that security, as a result, on the value of the shareholder’s portfolio.

There are many corporate actions that will affect the stock price, like stock splits, dividends and rights issues.

Why is it important for a retail investor?

Because we want BUY stocks that are MISPRICED due to corporate action.

So what?

So that simply means:
✔ You can apply this Corporate Action Strategy in any market condition (uptrend, downtrend or sideways)
✔ You can enter a trade before everybody does

To put it simply, a corporate action is a catalyst that change the direction.

So how can you seize the opportunity and capitalise on these corporate actions to your advantage and make profits?

Let’s dive into these examples below:

Example 1: Capitaland Commercial Trust Capitaland Commerical Trust issued 166 rights units for every 1,000 existing units held as at 5pm on 29 September 2017 at an exercise price of $1.363. The closing price on 20 Sep 2017 being the last trading day of the Units prior to the announcement of the right issue was $1.695 per unit. The theoretical ex-rights price (TERP) was calculated to be $1.648 per Unit.

Example 2: JB Foods Limited JB Food Limited issued 1 rights shares for every 3 ordinary shares at an exercise price of $0.25. The closing price on 01 March 2018 being the last trading day of the Units prior to the announcement of the right issue was $0.70 per share. The theoretical ex-rights price (TERP) was calculated to be $0.603 per share.

What You Can Expect

✔ You will be alerted on what company to buy and when to buy to capitalise on these corporate actions to your advantage and make good profits
✔ You can ask questions and be mentored by Li Guang Sheng, an expert in Corporate Action and Singapore’s Top Tier Remisier and Trader
✔ Guidance and Support from Wealth Coach Academy

A Free Sneak peek into one of our recent episodes:

Who Should Subscribe

✔ You want to explore another new method of investing in the stock market and would like to use Corporate Action Strategic Investing to achieve returns from the stock market
✔ You would like to invest in the stock market with the right knowledge to create profit-making opportunities
✔ You want to follow a trading plan to increase your probability of winning

*This subscription includes information that is not only limited to SGX-listed stocks.

About the Provider

Wealth Coach Academy's principal trainer is Li Guang Sheng. He is a familiar face in InvestingNote whom ranked Number 1 with more than 4300 followers. Guang Sheng has more than 15 years of experience and was ranked 2nd in Yahoo! Finance Gazillionaire Trading competition in 2010. He has appeared on TV, was featured in The Edge Magazine.

Currently a Top Tier Remisier in Singapore, his forte lies in value investing and fundamental analysis. He also spends a considerable amount of time looking for opportunities in SGX companies through their corporate actions. Over the years, he has built a clientele base that includes high net worth individuals, retail investors, hedge funds, listed companies and clan associations.

Actively involved in giving back to society, he served as the President of Rotary Club of Shenton (2009-2011), Assistant Governor for Rotary District 3310 in (2013/14) and board of director in Foundation of Rotary Clubs Singapore (2010-2015). Currently, he is the District 3310 Rotaract Chairperson and also the Vice Chairman of Rotary Family Service Centre in Clementi.

He graduated from NUS with a Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (Economics) with Merit. His main philosophy of investing is to ‘Keep it Simple’. As a principal trainer at Wealth Coach Academy, he believes that everyone can acquire these skills and knowledge if they are willing to learn. Using Wealth Coach Academy’s platform, he hopes to help people make better financial decisions.


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