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Author Stockcham
Year 2014
Format Online Ebook (Not Downloadable)
Pages 53

Stockcham is a stock trader that has more than 20 years of trading experience in SGX market. His thread at one of the Singapore stock forums has garnered more than 4 million page views in less than 2 years.

"Stockcham's Trading Guide" is a unique book that is unlike those investment book that you can find in book store. For those who do short-term trading on SGX stocks, this is the book that you must read. One of the most unique topics that this book covers is how you will be able to interpret the market depth and understand where the funds and Big Boys moves in stock market.

To support Charity in Singapore, part of the sales proceed will be donated to Charity.

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Important Notes:

1. This is an ebook that can only be read on and not downloadable. Please note that we will not refund the money once the purchase is made.

2. This ebook is not intended for stock investment recommendation and is only for reference. InvestingNote & the author will not be responsible for any financial investment decisions the reader made.

3. Read the book at after your purchase.

4. The book is protected by copyright law. To respect the hard work by the author, please do not redistribute the book in any form.

Book Reviews

"I have never been more happy in my trading after I bought the book. If you didn't get the ebook, you wouldn't understand when to enter and when to exit, especially when BBs chut stun. I'm still learning, but also earning. To be honest, for those still deliberating, $188 is the best money I've spent for trading cuz it has the highest returns (ROI 691%) so far... Could have been more if I'd calculated my comms properly for certain trades."
- James Ngoo, stock trader.

"A very great book full of information and tips! You could earn back the price of the book in no time with the valuable tips and guide. Do not hesitate, the earlier u get the book, the earlier u earn!"
- Goh Kiangkiat, a beginner to stock trading.

"As a stock broker myself, I can truly relate to what I read from Stockcham's ebook. This ebook is not only unique to our local market, it also exposes BB's tactics so that we can counteract on them. I rate this ebook as a value investment where the returns are much greater, Buy!"
- JS, stock broker in Singapore.

"Bought this book yesterday, earned back the cost today. This book might be the thinnest stock market book i have ever read. BUT it holds the most RELEVANT information. It's your loss if you miss out on this book. All are my truthful words, bro Stockcham never paid me to advertise for him."
- Michael Alan Turner, stock trader.

"188 is probably the minimal cost for 3 stupid contra trades...If we are going to spend money on these trades, might as well spend the money on more training and information sources first. This book is an example of an information source, and a very practical one."
- JingTing Khoo, stock trader.

"You know my only regret after buying the book is I should have bought it much much earlier!"
- Chua Joseph, stock trader.

"I m a person that doesn't like to read books. That's why i have hesitated so long to buy this book. After reading so many good reviews i decided to give it a try. After reading it, no regrets at all! It is simple to read and not too lengthy, and yet full of useful tips and info."
- Ng Choon Guan, stock trader.

"Many good tips in the book..concise and clearly written!"
- Gold Barrel, stock trader.

"I think I'm the few bought early... I'm a silent reader at a forum when I noticed that bro Stockcham is a guy that always advice and share his views on trading. That's why when I come to know when he is going to launch his book, without any hesitation, just buy it."
- Kelvin Ching, stock trader.

"Those play contra MUST buy. Those invest long term no need read. "
- Jacques Sin, stock trader.

"Just finish this book. This is indeed the 孙子兵法of contra trading. 尔疑我诈,非常精彩。 I enjoy reading it. Is worth the price. Can't wait to apply in real life trading."
-Jason Soh, stock trader.

Donate History:

As promised, part of the sales proceed will be donated to charity and here are the donate histories.

1. Donate S$1470 to Singapore Children's Society on 02/2015.

2. Donate S$2340 to Singapore Children's Society on 05/2015.

3. Donate S$1740 to Singapore Children's Society on 10/2015.

4. Donate S$1290 to Singapore Children's Society on 01/2016.

5. Donate S$650 to Singapore Children's Society on 09/2016.

6. Donate S$3756 to Singapore Children's Society on 12/2016.

7. Donate S$2376 to Children Cancer Foundation on 03/2017.

8. Donate S$784 to Children Cancer Foundation on 01/2018.

9. Donate S$3422 to Children Society 04/2018.

10. Donate S$1330 to Children Society 02/2020.

11. Donate S$2600 to Children Society 11/2020.

12. Donate S$2910 to Children Society 02/2021.

12. Donate S$2600 to Children Society 09/2022.

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