Special Report: Bear Market 2020

Jay Tun Special Bear Market Report 2020




Author Jay Tun
Year 2020
Format Online Ebook (Not Downloadable)
Pages 32

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Book Description

Are you caught in the sudden onslaught of the bear market in 2020?

The bull market is onto its 11th year and due to the knee-jerk reaction to the fear for the economic impact done by COVID-19, global equity markets tanked 30% at an unprecedented pace.

If you are wondering how you can emerge from this bear market in a stronger financial position than before, then you are at the right place!

This “Special Report: Bear Market 2020” will share with you:
✔ Macroeconomic Factors That Will Directly Impact Your Portfolio
✔ Key Levels On S&P 500 Where You Can Buy Safely
✔ W-Shaped vs V-Shaped Recovery: Which One You Should Expect & Why
✔ Deciphering Market Internals & Market Breadth To Explain Why The Bottom Is Nearing
✔ A Better Alternative Compared To Catching The Falling Knife So You Can Profit Safely
✔ In-Depth Analysis On 10 “MUST HAVE” Companies That Can Potentially Return Multi-Fold On Your Portfolio
✔ Key Price Levels To Buy On These “Beaten Down” Stocks To Supercharge Your Returns

This 32 page special report is curated for you to help you navigate this treacherous bear market filled with uncertainty, with the aim of enriching you through the research based on Fundamentals, Technicals & Macros.

In each of the “must have” companies in this report, you will not just know their intrinsic values based on earnings, you will also know the key levels where the institutions accumulated their positions previously.

With most stock prices beaten down by at least 30%, the current bear market presents great opportunities to load on these great companies.

So look no further, get your copy now!

This report is only to be read on our website or app and cannot be downloaded.

About The Author

Jay Tun is an independent trader who seeks to educate through his own trading experiences as he began his own trading journey at the young age of 22.

He is a self-taught trader who has read more than 200 books on trading and investment since college and created his trading methodologies modelling after several successful veteran traders.

Jay has since amassed 10 years of experience trading different market conditions with consistency. Of the many disciplines in trading, he specializes in trading options, swing trades on equities, currencies, futures and contract-for-difference (CFDs).

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