Practical Value Investing

Practical Value Investing




Author LauShiErn
Pages 79
Year 2017
Format Online Ebook (Not Downloadable)

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Book Description

Learn how fund managers use value investing to invest in the stock market. This book will highlight methods beginners can use to become professional investors based on the author’s experience working in a value fund.

It is common for many value investors to feel frustrated when they are unable to earn sufficient returns from investing despite following value investing strategies. Many investors spend a lot of time doing market research and reading annual reports, yet are not able to translate this hard work into profitable investment strategies. This book will provide you the key to unlock the profits from your hard work and improve your investment performance by helping you identify correct areas to spend your time doing research.

Based on the author’s experience in investing in different Asian markets, this book begins with a new framework to understand the stock market. Using this perspective, you will be able to understand why different value investing strategies work in different countries and in different time periods, and why stock markets crash. Building on this unique perspective, the book will introduce systematic methods for you to test whether an investing strategy is working in your country and to be confident of the results. Mastering these techniques will enable you to adapt to changes in the stock market and make profits year after year.

Furthermore, you will learn to detect when your strategy is starting to fail. When that happens, you can follow the idea generation guide in the book to find new value investing strategies. Finally, the book will also teach you techniques to overcome behavioural barriers that prevent many investors from compounding their wealth. Read this book and become a better investor today!

About the Author

Lau Shi Ern graduated from the Nanyang Technological University, studying Actuarial Science. While working as an Investment Analyst in a local boutique value fund, he tested different investing strategies. Subsequently, he applied this research to manage an investment portfolio covering Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. The portfolio generated investment returns that beat the stock market benchmark and earn profits for clients.

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