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Club Admin LynLyn Nakamori
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This is a LIVE TRADING subscription, where as a member you can attend live trading events with LynLyn Nakamori, one of the top contributors in InvestingNote.

Membership Description

Since the beginning of 2019, Lyn Lyn has been working very hard to provide updated content for everyone and opened up Lyn's Trading Club.

Main difference between this subscription and Lyn's Trading Club: You will be attending LIVE TRADING Sessions, conducted by Lyn herself, at specified locations, during trading hours.

This subscription is to help traders to trade better with Lyn's special technique for charting - CHART PAIRING.

Chart Pairing is the method to apply throughout for better stock trade predictions Application of TA in LIVE during trading hours with Lyn sitting next to you.

It will include daily briefing & chart library to assist you to trade better.

As a paying member of the Club, you will be able to do all of the following:
✔ Request specific charting for stocks from Lyn
✔ Attend LIVE Trading sessions conducted by Lyn
✔ Access to exclusive content
✔ Build a direct mentorship with Lyn herself
✔ Member participation in the sharing of content

THANK YOU for continuing to support Lyn on what she’s doing and the change that she’s about to bring.

Welcome to Trading with Lyn and let’s get serious.

About LynLyn Nakamori
LynLyn is one of InvestingNote’s top contributor with almost 10000 posts! She is passionate about Technical Analysis and has spent a lot of time to understand charts, patterns, trends and price movements. Up-to-date, she has created more than 5,000 charts. LynLyn prefers to lead a private life and made her fortune through stock trading. Visit her profile here: @LynlynNakamori.

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InvestingNote reserves the right to terminate a subscription without prior notice.

IMPORTANT: By joining this subscription, you will agree and consent to all the rules stated here: Read Rules

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