How to Discover Giant Stocks with Value Investing Strategies

Dr. Tee Tong Yan


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Instructor Dr. Tee Tong Yan
Total Course Duration 7 Hours Video + 4 Hours Bonus Course + 2 eBooks
Skill Level Beginner to Intermediate
Lectures 9
Access Type Full Lifetime Access
Language English
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Form a Dream Team Stock Portfolio in a Systematic Way!

*Note this course is conducted 100% in English, course content & materials differ about 5-10% from the Chinese version here.

Course Description

There are 2 main stock investing objectives: investing for income (dividends) and investing for capital gains (higher prices), which we could achieve through a portfolio of global giant stocks with strong business fundamental. In this value investing course, Dr Tee will teach the powerful methods step by step, how to form a dream team stock portfolio with understanding of 3 financial statements and 11 critical fundamental criteria with practical applications in global stock screening for 8 stock exchanges in 7 countries.

Learning Points:
1) Master 3 Value Investing Strategies on What Giant Stocks to Buy:
- Growth Investing Strategy (Growth Stocks / Momentum Stocks)
- Undervalue Investing Strategy (Undervalue Property Stocks / Bank Stocks)
- Dividend Investing Strategy (REITs / non-REITs Dividend Stocks)

2) Apply Fundamental Analysis (FA) with 3 Key Financial Statements and 11 Critical FA Criteria to Identify Global Giant Stocks
- Income Statement
- Balance Sheet
- Cashflow Statement

3) Practical Demo on Global Giant Stock Screening
- Selection Criteria for Growth Stocks, Undervalue Stocks & Dividend Stocks
- Sample over 100 Global Giant Stocks with Dr Tee personal reviews and analysis for 8 stock exchanges in Singapore, US (NYSE & NASDAQ), Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia & Thailand
- 5 Free Global Stock Screeners (value investing strategies are applicable for all - 92 stock exchanges in the world, including China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India, Canada, Europe, etc.)

4) Extended learning with 2 Bonuses:
- Dr Tee bonus eBooks x2 (Global Market Outlook & Dream Team Stock Portfolio)
- Dr Tee bonus Course (4 hours) on 10 Optimism Strategies

Who should learn?

1) Beginners and intermediate learners who wish to form a dream team stock portfolio which is fundamentally strong in a systematic way step by step.

2) Stock investors are interested to learn what stocks to buy for medium term and long term investing, aiming both for incomes (collecting dividends with REITS and non-REITs) and capital gains (appreciation of share prices).

3) Stock traders who are want to enhance the probability of success in short term trading with selection of growth stocks for momentum trading.

**This English course has another companion course conducted verbally in Chinese (价值投资法: 探测强巨股) which is sold separately to reach out different countries of learners worldwide. Both languages of courses have similar course content and duration but verbal presentation in 2 languages has about 5-10% additional learning due to unique examples and investing principles shared verbally by Dr Tee in each language. For bilingual learner (English & Chinese), you may consider both languages of courses (with special rates now) to maximize the learning as Dr Tee presentation style is unique in different languages. Choose your preferred language as your first course to start the learning.

About the Instructor

Dr Tee Tong Yan holds a PhD specialized in computational simulation. He possesses over 20 years of trading/investing experience with in-depth knowledge in stocks and various major investment markets. He was a corporate Vice President, now the founder of a consulting firm. He has achieved financial freedom, spending most of his free time in life mission to educate the public towards the right path of investing.

Dr Tee is the founder of, the investing blog with applications of Ein55 Styles of investing, sharing his experience extensively with over 1000 investment articles, 2 eBooks and over 500 investment courses using LOFTP (Level, Optimism, Fundamental, Technical, Personal Analysis) Strategies. He is a well sought after speaker in major trading firms and various investing seminars.

Dr Tee has trained over 30,000 students (4hr stock investment course) and over 3000 graduates (6-day comprehensive course).

Some testimonials from his previous students who've attended his previous courses:

“The trainer, Dr Tee is a very devoted, committed & passionate person. He is very enthusiastic and eager to impart all his knowledge and experience to us without retaining any information at all. I salute him for being a selfless trainer.” - Alice Lim

“A lot of efforts have been put into the preparation of notes. Most importantly, coverage of the mega economic situation is very useful for all investors. At least, I learnt when to sell and when to buy.” - Le Yin

“Dr Tee has a very good knowledge of the market. His approach to analyzing the market is very scientific and logical. The concept taught is very beneficial to us.” - You Sean Chung


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