A Compact & Comprehensive Trading Manual
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Author SporeShare
Year 2017
Format Online Ebook (Not Downloadable)
Pages 36

A Compact & Comprehensive Trading Manual

"This Compact and Comprehensive Stock Trading Manual is essential if you are a Beginner or New to Trading. It covers the topics regarding technical stock trading tactics that will help you to take advantages of the major moves in the stock market.

This unique eBook will provide you the knowledge and insights of my stock trading tactics.

You won’t regret taking charge of yourself to learn something that will greatly enhance your skill in stock trading knowledge."

Happy Trading/ Investing! SporeShare


I started off with trading/investing more than 20 years ago . I still can remember it was during SingTel initial IPO in 1993. It gave Singaporeans a chance to participate in the future growth of SingTel, as shares were being offered to citizens at a discount.

Initially, my investments was frequently based on tips or advice from friends, colleagues, analyst or remisier/broker. I really had no idea which stock counter was good to buy, at what price to buy and when to take profit. I simply had no clear sense of direction or solid reasoning why I had invested into that particular stock counter.

When the market crashed and went through the economic or financial crisis, I was not knowledgable enough to know what action to take to protect my capital investment. I kept holding on while the share price kept falling. Some of the companies were liquidated/suspended and I had lost quite a lot of my earned monies.

I told myself I cannot carry on doing investing in this manner. I simply have to do something to get myself educated to know more about proper investing in stock/ equity. In other words, I taught myself how to fish rather than relying on tips/ advice etc. I started reading and attending courses related to stock/equity investing. Spent quite a bit of monies to get myself educated.

This eBook/manual is something that I have tested and it works and is quite easy for everyone which is New or even Experience investor to use the strategies/ trading plan and setup that will work towards their advantage.

Feel free to connect with me on InvestingNote platform or visit my blog at http:// sporeshare.blogspot.sg to see some of the stock prediction idea for certain stock counters.

Have a wonderful and happy learning journey in Trading/Investing! -Sporeshare


"This Compact & Comprehensive Trading Manual is a must to read e-book for those who want to invest their money in the stock market." - gsyeo

"First glance of your book, would say instant like. Haha! Less word more picture. That's my favorite. Will take time to burn it overnight later :) " - div1g4in

"Too many cooks spoil the broth, I like the fact the book is very short but filled with images so that you can compare to your own trade. A few simple rules is enough to make money. Furthermore, sporehare followed up with people buying his book. TBH, 100plus is a hefty sum for a kid. But this knowledge can translate into profit in the future." -@duckie

"光阴的淬炼,经验的累积是投资的不二法门。这宝典汇集了SporeShare毕生所学,将经典分析记录与此。 此宝典能让初学者少走冤枉路,也让你我能更加精进彼此的股票技术分析功力。 熊市牛市,sporeshare宝典在手就能凯旋得志。" -@AlexanderTheGrape

"Thanks for that e-book it help me a lot on the TA charting issue, so is a must to read and understand it too." - @gayeo

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