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Profession: I'm a Manager in a Food Distribution company based in Brunei. Stocks Trading is my passion.

My Trading Strategy: For trading of DLC, I would go for those stocks that is on the uptrend & can have intraday big movement.

My best DLC trades so far: Geely Auto. DLC SG5xLong Geely (SGX: DRWW)

So for the 2nd Round of the competition, my focus will be on Hong Kong stocks & Venture.

Something unique about myself: I won't give up easily once I started something. Just like trading. I lost heavily during my younger days. But I tried to find out the problem & correct it.

Why you should vote for me: If you don't vote me, you can huat huat. But if you vote me, you can huat huat huat huat!... lol

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Profession: I'm a broker
My Trading Strategy: Shhh...It's a Secret :)
My Best DLC trade so far: AAC Tech Long (DLC SG5xLong AAC (SGX: DALW)
The DLCs which I will be looking at the next 2 weeks during the Final Round: DLC SG7xLongHSI210114 (SGX: CPRW) and DLC SG7xLongMSG220225 (SGX: GDEW)
Something unique about me: I enjoy playing games and trading is one of them.
Why should you vote for me: Win or lose...let's all have fun!

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Profession: I'm a Real Estate Agent. As a trusted advisor, I pay very close attention to the dynamics of the local and global share market which will affect real estate market, to ensure that my seller/ buyer exit/enter real estate at the right time.

My trading strategy: “TIPSSSS” monitoring USDSGD, US GOVERNMENT BONDS 10 YR, STI then whether long or short the market. The game started in October which is a long strategy, STI movement too slow compared with HSI so selected DLCSGX5LONG Geely A (SGX: DGAW) and hold until Top 10.

For the next 2 weeks during the final round, I'm getting a mixed feeling as the current market sentiment has an unsure direction, so we'd see whether short or long for the next 2 weeks.

Something unique about myself: I'm not only good in chart patterns, I'm also good in Face-Reading and Feng Shui.

Why should you vote for me: Please vote for me, I give you 20% discount of my agent fee wahahahaha 😜😄😂

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I am currently in my final year of my PhD studies. I am also a licensed pharmacist and work part time in one of the retail pharmacy chains.

My trading strategy: I usually make use of technical indicators such as MACD, CCI, Stochastic in combination with candle stick patterns.

My best DLC trade so far: DLC SG 5xLong AAC (DALW)!

The DLCs which I will be looking at the next 2 weeks during the Final Round: I will probably be looking at AAC, Geely, Sunny, CNOOC, Tencent, AIA for both long and shorts.

Something unique about myself:
I enjoy the process of learning and to seek out recurring patterns.

Why should you vote for me:
The cash prize would be useful capital for long term investing for my 1 year old daughter =D

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Profession: Stay-at-home Dad cum Freelance Web Developer

My Trading Strategy: I traded based on FA. I will usually try to look out for temp depressed stocks or turnaround companies that would give me the highest return. Hence, FA doesn't really help out much in this contest.

DLC SG5xLong KepCorp (SGX: DEKW) is my best DLC trade as I noticed Keppel Corp dropped from $5.96 to $5.84 on 18 Oct 2019. Didn't expect the black swan event though.

What will I be looking at for these 2 weeks, will be focusing more on HK related stocks as they tended to be more volatile.

Something unique about yourself: I am a minimalist (or trying to be one)!

Why should you vote for me:
There is no reason to vote for me at all. You should vote for one of the ladies in this contest ;)

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Profession: I am working in the marine, oil and gas industry.

My trading strategy: Though this is a simulation, I believe in risk management and cut loss strategy as key for capital preservation. For technicals, I used support, resistance, candlesticks and volume as my key indicators. I also keep myself updated on the macro environment.

My best DLC trades so far: DLC SG5xLong Geely (SGX: DRWW) and DLC SG5xLong AAC.

The DLCs which I will be looking at the next 2 weeks during the Final Round: I will focus more on Hong Kong related stocks as they have higher volatility and also the Index stocks.

Something unique about myself: I am a more fundamental investor but hope to use this competition to learn and sharpen my trading skills to consider DLCs to complement my portfolio.

Why should you vote for me: You never walk alone! That's what the competition is for as this is a good group learning opportunity and we learn from one another through transparency and discussions.

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Profession: Tech/Product Manager of an Angel Investing Club

My Trading Strategy:
I'm still a novice investor, I don't adopt any particular "strategy" yet, mainly looking at company financial history + news + chart reading etc. I would say other than good analysis and hard work, luck (things you can't control & predict like the Keppel Corp's news haha!) plays an important part as well.

My DLC trade so far: it's got to be DLC SG5xLong KepCorp (SGX: DEKW)!

For the next 2 weeks during the final round how I would trade, I'm not sure yet, it really depends on the market + news.

Something unique about myself: I'm a Typical INTP, hates popularity contests, public speaking and surface small talks, prefers connecting with individuals on a deeper level who are genuine.

Why should you vote for me:
If you want to support more women gaining their own financial knowledge and pave the path of their own financial freedom!

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Profession: I was running a corporate gifts business but due to family issues I had to end the business. Thus, I try to trade and hope to have some income. Ended up I paid lots of "school fees". Now then start to recover a bit of the "school fees".

My trading strategy: I have been learning Wyckoff method to trade, which means to study the chart based on the whole structure along with the price bar action and also volume.

To me I feel Trading is not as easy as what other people say out there.

There are four areas which needs mastering:
1. Reading of chart
2. Money management
3. Risk management
4. Psychology (most important)

My Best DLC trade so far: DLC SG5xLong AIA (SGX: DPWW) as the chart follows almost the same as what Wyckoff method mentioned.

Why you should vote for me: I use the Wyckoff method, which is not an easy or popular method to learn, but it works for me.

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Profession: Currently in-between jobs and attending to needs of ailing parents.

My Trading Strategy: Buy low, sell high and always monitor the demand & supply of the market.

Best DLC trade so far: DLC SG5xLong Geely (SGX: DRWW)!

For the next 2 weeks, due to the shortage of time, my focus will be on the sentiment of the market and the volume of trades.

Something unique about myself: I listen more than I talk, think and calculate before I speak, having the natural tendency to over-think things and missed a good trade due to inaction.

Why should you vote for me: I can sometimes be soft spoken or felt unseen and this makes people second-guess my confidence and conviction in my thoughts and ideas. Your votes will give me power and brings the best of me from inaction to Action!

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Profession: I'm in the operations.

My trading strategy: I'm for dividend play and growth stocks.

The DLCs which I will be looking at the next 2 weeks during the Final Round: DLC SG5xLong SingTel (SGX: DMQW) and DLC SG5xLong SIA (SGX: DSIW)!

Something unique about me: Apart from financial news, I also read a lot of local foods reviews!

Why you should vote for me: Regardless if I win a prize, follow my picks for the middle to long term gain! I gain your vote, you gain the long term :)

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