Hi, guys is it wise to invest in the US Stock market? Because currently the USA stock market is highly overpriced with USA having a
21 trillion dollars in debt. Should I look continue to look at USA as it has over 7k plus companies or look as well?

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For me, i will stay away from US market. It is now in a very late business cycle. US market is currently in euphoria mode. US market now is also have very high margin debts ...

Year 2019 will be more difficult year ahead due to interest rates rising .. business are going to be tougher due to loans getting expensive and trade war uncertainty.

If really want to invest, invest little in the stocks that you would want to average down in case of market downturn. For my case, I never stay out of market completely. I am holding on a bit of stocks that i will average down in case of market downturn.


Reply to @RotiBlata : Are you sure it is at Euphoria mode compared to subprime or dot com bubble era ? More ever, capital fund flow from EM to US market given the strong reported earning and it's not that parabolic yet.

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Very few invests in us market in general, even Nasdaq and DJ companies are not fully vested in US.

The truth is that we invest in companies listed in us market not the us market itself. there are plenty there which is not US market driven companies. Most ppl invest there due to the huge liquidity and the high coverage in fundamentals in almost all sectors. this also mean that there is plenty of choice and plenty of due diligence for you to do before you make your choice.

So do not see a single item like high debts and stop yourself from trading in us market.


Reply to @youying : I see . Thanks for the information


More companies to look at in a bigger variety of sectors. More depth in the market also. Last 6 months I have done better in US than in SG even with a smaller absolute allocation. But DYOD on each stock you look at/buy. A lot of the good ones are at their highs.


Reply to @mj0101 : I see thanks for the heads up


Nobody makes money just via looking. ;)
Sooner or later got to take the plunge.

Note that not all companies move in tandem with market. There are still opportunities to pick up good companies when there’s some dip.




Yes it’s wise but not now. Someone say will crash


keep buying ....US stock always ATH....until.....

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