saw that people are still betting on manufacturing stocks to go higher, but do not forget these are cyclical stocks... now US bullish the world is bullish and they trade way above book value, some even 2-3 times book value
but historically over the last 1-2 decades, these cyclical stock trade around 1 times book or less only on average
new investors be careful and be wary


Reply to @RetiredOldMan : Depreciating greenback benefit manufacturing/industrial sector. Based on VIX (9.x)solely, I am in the fear right now for sure . LOL


Newbie here... I am reading up on these stocks.. did I categorized correctly? Never knew there were categories last time...

Stamford Land - Dividend stock
Tat Hong - Cyclical Stock
Keppel T&T - Dividend Stock
Hi-P - Cyclical Stock

By the way, any advise on Tat Hong? Was the first stock I bought and I bought at the peak and it went down right after I bought. Any chances of it recovering to its formal glory? Or should I just dump it :(


Reply to @MasterLeong : There are dividend but its considered quite low? $0.005 , $0.01

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