There are around 5192,601 shares objected to the merger from Viva side and 18053,000 shares objected from ESR side..

Today i think they are offloading..this dumping by disgruntled shareholders will take a few days.. so share price will be down the next few days


The points you raised are all valid & management has addressed some of the issues you've raised. Buying over an entire portfolio has it's inherent intangible benefits & thus a premium is required for the sellers to agree to a deal. The loss of rental support & shorter land lease could be mitigated by rental reversions & the merged larger portfolio. Taking a longer term strategic perspective, i feel that unit holders would on the whole benefit from this merger in spite of the near term short comings they have to endure. My 2 cents...


Reply to @Pizzaprata : I am inclined to agree. However, the fact that they have increased their position in Sabana may suggest that in the long term, conditioned upon having lesser on its plate, ESR may make a move. It would be interesting to see how it unfolds.

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Anyway already approved. Is like do you want to remain as Everton forever and remain as a mid table team or u want to merge with Westham and try to become Manchester City? Now the merger is set in stone liao, lets hope we become Manchester city of reits lo..

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