*Public Announcement:  Calling ALL financial bloggers and finance professionals for the SGX Bull Charge Stock Challenge!*

We're excited to announce that we're partnering with SGX for the SGX Bull Charge Stock Challenge, which will be held on our platform!

This challenge is only open to financial bloggers and finance professionals – trading representative/ remisier/ broker, fund manager, research analyst, financial advisor, who are over 18 years old.

Physical Prize: SGX will make a donation of S$10,000 on behalf of the winner to SGX Bull Charge’s beneficiary-of-choice and winner of the challenge will take home a prize trophy.

Intangible Prize: More publicity and awareness than you would expect! 

If you're financial blogger or a finance professional, we urge you to join now to build your own brand and get more publicity!

This is Your Chance to Shine and also give back to society.

→ Register here: https://bullcharge.sgx.com/stock-challenge/?utm_source=InvestingNote&utm_medium=Website&utm_campaign=BullChargeStockChallenge2018&utm_term=01082018&utm_content=Adhoc#Overview-tab/ 

Keep track of who's ahead by viewing the leaderboard here, from 16th August to 31st October.

Get verified on our website as a finance professional here.

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@investingnote to make things more exciting... what not we guess who will win the competition and a lucky winner gets to walk away with some prizes. Steady bo?


Reply to @InvestingNote : No prizes or giveaway ah.

Need me to do cross promotion for your event is it. Need to pay me to do a post lah

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Like that next time we know who we should listen to Liao. haha


Btw, can other people see our simulation results?


Reply to @Smallcapasia : Yes, all simulation results and buy/sell orders are visible to anybody.


Cannot join. haix.


Reply to @Spinning_Top : Lol.....is bull challenge leh....
Is the game is bearish challenge then I sure in lah....

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where are all the gurus? lol
ken chee, adam khoo, colin seow, dr tee? come prove your skills. lol.


Reply to @jasonhhlim : They will not join lah! They are already too busy making money from their existing trading/investment businesses. Time is better spent in their businesses. Lol!

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@ThumbTackInvestor Keen in this exhibition match? I rooting for you!


Reply to @ThumbTackInvestor : Pls share your picks, great learning to see your thinking and hopefully profit. You shd be v used to stress Dr! :-)

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Over such a short time span, I will most probably lose since I am an investor.

But lets try and have fun!


Reply to @div1g4in : Don't worry, we will have an upcoming competition that is open to everyone with even more prizes, so stay tuned!

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3.1. Each participant is required to have a minimum of one (1) trade within the Campaign Period.

3.2. Participants are only allowed to trade stocks that are trading above 20 cents as of 31 July 2018.

3.3. Trading is by market order only. No advanced limit/stop order is allowed.

3.4. No odd lot may be traded.

3.5. No short selling is allowed (except the DLCs and Put Warrants).

3.6. No margin account is allowed.

3.7. Every trade is subject to a fixed commission rate of S$10 and a 0.08% per trade.

3.8. Dividend and stock split (if any) will be taken into consideration. Any dividend income will be payable to the participants’ virtual account based on the ex-dividend date.

3.9 In case of any rights or warrants issue by the listed company, participants need to close their position before the issue.

3.10. In the event that any securities products in the participant’s portfolio is suspended and halt at any point in time during the Campaign Period, the holdings of these securities will be calculated based on the last traded value.

3.11. During the Campaign Period, a leaderboard showing the most updated results of participants will be shown on the Microsite and InvestingNote.com respectively. The leaderboard will be updated on a weekly basis.


Reply to @TheLoneWolf : Hi the objective is for participants trade at their own discretion and do their own analysis. Therefore only longing the stocks on a sound basis.
No harm trying!

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Wow! its like putting your reputation on the line :D


Reply to @Smallcapasia : Hi, this is also putting participants on the spot light to let them shine:)

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