$AEM(AWX.SI) CIMB downgraded AEM to Reduce/Sell with revised target price of $0.69

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dont worry , buy ! greed when everyone is scare


Drop more than 20% sure get SGX enqiry


the selling is so irrational!


i am still holding aem shares


Will rebound jus like Valuetronics.. but at what price??


Reply to @liowkevin : as soon as aem gotten new sales, it will bounce back


My only regret was not shorting more aem as i had the cash ready
I only used half my limit instead of 100% all in


been shorting 200,000 AEM (5 times leverage), huat till teeth drop sia... no 50 cents no cover ^_^ ~


Reply to @RetiredYoungMan : Of cuz no hard feelings. Win some lose some. I took profit on most of my AEM above 6.. same for ThaiBev above 90c.. but sitting on losses in Oxley. It’s a portfolio game after all. Good luck to u.

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If this analyst like visibility so much, he should recommend and stick to bonds.


if apple will to replace intel chip by manufacturing themselves, who do u think they will buy machine from? Take note that AEM is supplying top quality machine not chip.


If CIMB say sell then dont buy.. so no one buy , it wont hit 0.69..

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Divested my stake in $AEM(AWX) at a modest profit. Will be on the lookout for the next multi-bagger. :)

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$AEM(AWX) will be releasing their Q1 Results after market close on 27 April (AGM Date). Did some back-on-the-envelop calculations as to what the results could be. Anyone attending the AGM this thursday?

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Boon for $AEM(AWX)? "This was mainly attributed to the semiconductors segment which posted robust growth of 63.6 per cent, according to data from the Economic Development Board released on Friday (Mar 24)."

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$AEM(AWX) Wanted to write about the FY16 results and future prospects but Mr. Leong already wrote an excellent article on it on NextInsight. I believe Profit Before Tax Per Share for Q1FY17 could spike 5-10 times of Q1FY16 (low base effect). From the article, the turnout seems good. Potential catalysts include multiple release of positively rated analyst reports on AEM Holdings in the near term. https://www.nextinsight.net/story-archive-...

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