Haha you sold and the price went down!


Reply to @ThumbTackInvestor : I'm a little depleted as well hence the recent divestment to refill. Mine is just water gun. Haha

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Hi @ThumbTackInvestor , what is next week ER? thanks


Reply to @Sella : Not really a clue.
I was just playing the rebound cos I thought it had fallen too fast too soon.
Since it rebounded about 13%, it seemed like a good time to take profit.
In a way, I was lucky too cos I needed to find things to divest to reallocate capital to US opportunities.
I did think of the upcoming results release... I do think it'd be good.
The problem though, is that everybody knows that. So I suspect "good results" will not bump up the share price, unless they paint a rosy forward picture.

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JSKM!! Keep doing what you do! Got good lobang must share!

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