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COACHING / MENTORING - Lai ! Share your view generously ...

Do you use coaching, mentoring? What's your experience if you have used them before? What's your thinking on coaching and mentoring for Trading?

Note: I mentioned some names as example. In comments and when discussing specific good and bad experience, perhaps just be general and not to mention names. Thanks.

@investingnote Purpose of this post is purely for learning, not marketing. Though I have to mention some names just as examples... Do let me know if this is not appropriate. Thanks.

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Yes - Such as Grok Trade, Sasha Evdakov, or local experts
No - Never try and don't believe in it
Yes and No - Wanna try but cannot afford the cost or no time to explore
Please see my comment
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This is okay, as long as there are no personal attacks to anyone.


Reply to @InvestingNote : Thanks ;-)


Pain is my mentor. Any losses inflict pain upon my self to study and practice even more


Reply to @jackietan : Your butt hurt?

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if you are a newbie, I strongly feel you need a mentor. Earlier before I shared about my mentorship for about 6 mths (intense), 6 mths(monitoring) and it has benefited me a great deal.At the end of the day, my portfolio is making money from 2015 to now. btw, I only started trading from 2015 onwards. Finding a good mentor can be challenging.As a newbie, learning from the best & capable people can give you a good headstart. As you become stable in your trading strategy and make money, you continue to learn from the best.Cheerio


Reply to @IntelligentSperm : lucky you... thats about everythg! best thgs comes free!

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Nope. Nv try. Same as go to school tell u what to do. In the end ask you SL, is your money loss. You learn somethin though, cut fast when its not right. But is your money got cut. Your mentor TP your money instead lol.


Reply to @div1g4in : SL here you refer to Stop Loss ya?

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Teach me senpai


Do one-off classes count? Or must be across a period of time?


I always wonder about these coaches...making classes is extra side income for their capital?


Reply to @opy : Yups... anonymous chain emails. Maybe just trying to scare potential competitor

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Perhaps I should point out the viewpoint of the other side. Mentoring does have its advantages. 1 You are focused. Some people just don't have the discipline to self study. 2 more efficient, you don't need to search high and low for information. Of course at the expense of $$$. 3 experience from a real person. From the internet you don't really know who is real who is fake. But then real person can also be a scam so find a reputable one.

Eg Warren Buffett had Benjamin Graham as Mentor. The turtles had Dennis Richard.

Having said so much, I myself also learn trading by myself without a coach =p


coach/mentor liao will huat?


Reply to @SSJ4 : The coach huat till blc. Without naming the course, the 1 I attended 100 students. Imagine conducting such a course every month. Student I not sure will huat or not. Coach sure huat.

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Btw, some mentioned 1-on-1 coaching could cost 10s of thousands or more... Wonder what kind of value such coaching might provide.

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