"Target Acquired, PROTON CANNON!!" —Iron Man.

I just spent about $95k SGD on Broadcom Corp tonight.
Markets are irrationally worried about their latest acquisition, the cost of acquisition of CA Technologies is $18.9bil...
yet the markets have wiped out more than 15% of the market cap of Broadcom tonight, just based on this news.
15% of the market cap prior to today.... works out to be approximately $18bil too.
This means that the markets are expecting the acquisition to be SO BAD, that..... the entire value of CA Technologies will be wiped out to zero post acquisition.
Doesn't make sense to me.
Broadcom earned a profit of $8 per share the last quarter.
TTM EPS is $25, assuming a massive MOS and EPS turns out to be just $18, at my purchase price, the PE is still only 11.4x, the lowest in the past 3 years (or longer, I only checked the past 3 years data)
The company generates a shit ton of FCF every quarter, and is looking to deploy it.
(Oh I understand how that feels. The itchiness of the proton cannon)

TTI sold put options and received USD $1,716.
At the same time, I bought 300 shares of AVGO at a total cost of USD $62,044.

Positions are already in the green to the tune of a profit of USD 700+. (see attached)

Let's see how powerful TTI's proton cannon is.

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Facebook is dropping. Bring on the TTI Canon to fire it UP


Reply to @ThumbTackInvestor : Hmm. Ok. I am taking out my hand grenade

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sir, sharing chart ;-)

remind me of fb no long back


Reply to @layers : 160... fb ya!? Nice...

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Current price $200. Can undercut TTI


Reply to @layers : maybe next week if it's below $200
Prob selling more puts and recycling the capital to buy long term calls.

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Broadcom's Buyout Of CA Technologies Looks Like Desperation $AVGO, $CA


Right opportunity + Deep FA + Available proton cannon + some hard hitting guts = $2.5k USD kopi lui in 1 day.


Reply to @ThumbTackInvestor : Wow!!! Very nice kopi lui in 1 day... gratz :)

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i intend to go avgo too but my proton cannon dry up liao. dun feel like refill the proton cannon with my bonus.


I used to have it at 130 at 2016 but then I sold too early liao like 180.


Reply to @Snorlax : buy in again?


Reply to @ThumbTackInvestor : yes i saw your note last night, thx

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打铁趁热 or 趁火打劫, both also good.
Only day 1 and I plundered USD$1.8K

Proton Cannon is indeed very powerful.


Reply to @Snorlax : High IV yesterday, calls r relatively expensive to buy
I still would’ve if it had gone down more
I put in an order to buy calls at $210 but it didn’t go through.

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trading halt?


Reply to @ThumbTackInvestor : think cnbc app got problem. now still stuck haham nice went up

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