I am waiting to see if there is any negative announcement from Imperium crown, or else, the current share price is obviously way oversold, likely due to market sentiments and shortists.

-- At 4.8 cents, the value of the company is now only valued at $37.8m.
-- According to its latest statement in Feb 2018, it has $23m cash and cash equivalents and ZERO debt. Even if I deduct the difference in trade receiveables and trade payable of $6m, the company still has $17m nett cash.
-- On top of this, the company' s investinment (60%) in GEM (Wonder Stone Park) is worth $53.5m and there is also its australian investment in Richardson Trust (27%), which I am not sure of its worth.
-- Wonder Stone Park is not really about stones, but property development, e.g. hotel and residential. This area is very near a high speed rail station.
-- Even if GEM is worth only 1/2 what the company put in, it is still worth $27m. Plus nett cash $17m, the company is easily worth $44m on paper. And I am not even taking into account how much Richardson Trust can bring in.

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Deep value investing. But is this the best that you can get?


Reply to @div1g4in : Deep Value really need to wait. Like 2 years at least. It will be a long journey.

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