LHN looks to have bottomed out already. There has been a rise in both price and volume of the stock here and in its HK dual listing. The HK listed side is trading at HK$1.10 or S$0.19 equivalent!

There may be positive potentials for the company:

1. Completion by year end of the condo apartments in Cambodia, which the company bought.
2. Start of operations of the warehousing facilities in the ports in Thailand and China.
3. More carpark management contracts in Hong Kong.
4. Enbloc sale of Golden Mile Tower, which the company owns a large part of the carparks. With the recent curbs in residential property market, opportunities may flow into the commercial/retail property space instead!!

I think the stock has started a strong rally which has more legs to run. The last time such a rally occured in Dec 2017-Jan 2018, it rallied from 16cts to 32cts.....

How high will this round go?

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LHN in HK closes at a breakout high of HK$1.37, equivalent to S$0.236!
Buy LHN here at a DISCOUNT....$0.205-$0.21 CHEAP CHEAP.......

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HIGHER HIGH Breakout today on increased volume.
Note the announcement that its controlling shareholder has sold about 20m shares last week (in HKSE) and share prices over here and in HKSE have risen.
Interesting Question is: WHO BOUGHT?!!
Answer: Big chng kay from HK.

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Target Price

This is a V-shape bottoom stock with strong momentum now.
In Dec 2017, it rocketed from 18cts to 33cts in 4 weeks.
Interestingly, its HKSE dual listed shares traded a WHOPPING 21m shares yesterday, HALF of its entire outstanding shares of 42m!!!
I believe some big boys have mopped up the HK shares already.

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Today's good news on a new Myannar serviced residence project confirms the views I shared yesterday.
This smallish company is embarking on a HIGH GROWTH phase with new businesses in Singapore, HK, China, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.

I see the stock rising above 30cts again! Now below 20cts still CHEAP!!

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