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How much has your portfolio changed since January this year?

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Lost less than 5%
28 votes
82 votes
39 votes
20 votes
13 votes
Lost more than 50%
11 votes
Gained less than 5% profit
11 votes
14 votes
1 vote
Gained more than 20% profit
9 votes
228 votes
9 days left to vote
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Reply to @padraig_lam : A deep rooted issue plagued Telco. Their failures to adapt to challenge. contribution to the tumblng stocks

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down 8%.. bleeding despite having 40% in defensive stock


Only up 0.74%. See how it goes for the 2nd half. :(


Me more jialat...start from Jan till last week
All counter I bought lost .....
Only lucky last week CDG turn green...


Reply to @aero73 : checking status, hoping next year is better than previous year? ya..ya

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my singtel drop until buay lin chu lor. sianz.


dropped 16%. it was up 300% in 2017. pretty much burnt a shit load in terms of $$.


Reply to @Opportunistic_Investor : oledi so huat... lost a little bit % doesnt matter lo.

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Was abt -8% but kenna rescued by Breadtalk Grp & Seng Siong. Now is about -2.5%


2018 -0.16%



Down 2% after dividends. As some of my investment in relative safe bonds are mark to market on short duration, is just paper loss which will recover easily on expiry.


For 1H18, portfolio is just breakeven and that is with dividends added. So I have gained nothing from equities. Considering STI ETF is down by -2.3%, I am not complaining.

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