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when they think we are part of malaysia. i think it's worth it to slap their brain abit


Reply to @Time2Bunny : huh??? what happen? she not ur gf meh? u haven't tell me what those pictures meaning ???

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yes.... if 1-1=0 free
no.... if 1+1=20= ok
if Everything go Ok then No free.
$30M that is business.
apply 30/130 rule like Temasek azalea funds Astrea 4
first time offer to public PE 36 including 600 sme quarrantee...private equity36.


South Korea can offer to send their pop groups like NCT 127 to perform for small token fee during this National Day. Enough to send the audience wild.


20m can be use to get free coverage for everyone on okto and ch5. just realised....


Trump said PM Lee probably makes a difference in the outcome.


Reply to @CoryLogics : Cause pm never appear during AM time?


haha..ya, spend our money to get rapport.. how abt those reporters come from whole world n spending money here...


Its cheap, the 19 ministers just need to donate 2/3 of their annual salary to cover full expenses :)


Reply to @Time2Bunny : I think they got some internal agreement never use their own money. Never hear them donate charity before. Will be nice if pm donate half of his salary to help the lowest 1% income to encourage his fellow colleagues to do so


Yes of cos worth it. Each Singaporean paid $10 to watch it ! Nice show !!


Haha hopefully Kim will be impressed and do more trades with Singapore (provided UN sanctions are lifted) or next time drop bomb at least will try to avoid Singapore ;)


Reply to @luxcan : Trades nuclear w sg?


Kim machiam look like me esp take selfie at Garden of the Bay huan :o


Reply to @Snorlax : Same same but different, only female snorlax can use hyper beam to male counterpart like all married couples. But Master Kim can nuke you.

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