Today i decided to do a show and tell for some of the counters i have bought recently. I know that the recent trump saga made lots of people earn money and also in the process make a lot of people loss money. i been at both ends. First and foremost, this above is just to share my experience no other hidden agenda. You can either read it and move on or take it like a pinch of salt. I may not be as experience as most people but in this current market u must have the guts and the holding power to earn money.

1) $Cosco(F83.SI) EP-0.435
2) $Creative(C76.SI) EP-5.5
3) $CSE Global(544.SI) EP-0.410
4) $Falcon Energy(5FL.SI) EP-0.025
5) $Jiutian Chemical(C8R.SI) Ep-0.055
6) $OCBC Bank(O39.SI) EP-12.54
7) $SATS(S58.SI) EP- 5.12
8) $Sembcorp Marine(S51.SI) EP- 1.97
9) $SGX(S68.SI) EP-7.4
10) $SingPost(S08.SI) EP-1.33
11) $SingTel(Z74.SI) EP- 3.34
12) $StarHub(CC3.SI) EP- 2.10
13) $ThaiBev(Y92.SI) EP- 0.800
14) $Thomson Medical(A50.SI) EP- 0.090

1) Cosco- Fundamental business has transformed into a logistical one, they have recently bought over cogent thus instead of bleeding started to turn profit, in a long run we should see this share head back towards 0.500. current price Imo as of 7 June 2018 is a steal.

2) Creative - No technical analysis, No fundamentals involve, purely Instinct and Demand and supply Imo. I bought this share when it was $3 and sold all @$9.60-$10. now when back down to its support level of 5.5 and few days ago break out of it norm and now holding around 6.3-6.6. My EP of 5.5 is therefore safe and i congratz those that bought more. Currently awaiting news of the first projected sale and to be honest extremely eggcited about it. If they can breakout from last resistance of $7 on the 5 june, we should see it heading towards its high of 8-10 dollar.

3) Cse Global - Hidden gem that luckily i manage to spot before it ran @ 0.405-420 to a high of 0.495. This specific counter just recently report a 90% increase in Revenue, and has been steadily given out it 2.75% of a dividend a year. If i have more capital, i would have invested more but currenly i divested @ it high of 0.490 to get some capital gain and reinvested a small portion into it. Awaiting to buy on the dip and head toward 60 cents.

4) Falcon energy - a Heart pain counter as i loss a significant amount here, but a good call from boustead boss allow me to earn back quite a bit also. Currently still holding to a bit of falcon share @ Ep 0.025. This company Nav is arount 0.122 so for the long run i see it head upwards instead of downwards once payment issue is settled.

5) Jiutian chemical- holding this gem for almost 3 years already, first pot of gold was also from here. When i was still in the army, i keep on accumulating this penny @ 0.010-0.011 and only initaitate breakout around 2017 july. i must have collected nearly 82k worth and sold most @ a high of 0.080 nearly 8 time what i have invested into. therefore allowing me to have some room to play around with the funds that i achieve. why i believe this chemical counter is because production has been low for most period as the needs are less, economy back then was bad also but i didnt forget that they have ultra rich client having their back( read it up who the majority shareholder), financial wise also look stable .

6) OCBC - of all the 3 big banks in singapore, i love ocbc the most, cause in terms of money to dividend yield, it the most worth it. excluding the one time big share given by dbs, for price to ratio, it is very expensive and like most 20 plus dollar share, the drop is scary and my risk appetite is not that big.

7) Sats - future demand growth will allow it to accelerate its production. imagine, our catering from Sia are one of the best, therefore i can see with dividend yield, this counter is on a fair value of Pe ratio 14. which is okay and looking back at fundamentals, it is trading consistent at their 50 moving average

8) Sembcorp marine - looks like heading towards 2.15 but oil price being indecisive base on donald trump tweets on opec to ask them for more production making oil price extremely volatile. Hopefully opec don't give in and cut more production but that the hindsight of everything.

9) SGX - vested a bit as it has fallen off it peak of 7.70, looking to catch it bottom and wait for it to rebound as sgx as a counter is like punting. When Japan stock exchange issue they are selling of all it share progressively, share price when upwards instead of downward , meaning to say the bbs are controlling this counter well.

10) Singpost - Mainly aiming for the dividend yield, not much on this counter , long run i can forsee it heading to maybe $1.40 but that too soon to tell and has been trading @ 1.28-1.33 for many months

11) Singtel or sinktel- i can't tell the difference, fallen of it peak of 3.6 a couple of months ago, as a major player in our telecom market i was hoping with their one time big payout, they would reward shareholder with a bit more juice, but sadly it didn't happen and therefore it head back downward instead. maybe it is controlled by unseen forces for it dividend on the 26 July, but i hope to see this counter Huat back to it glory days.

12) Starhub- Made a mistake in this counter, but oh wells every investor will have it right and wrong moments. Using shareholder money to pay fat dividend is the wrong thing to do, if a company is not generating huge profit, why continue to pay fat dividend and therefore price is affected. i genuinely hope it cut down it payout to a more sustainable one before it is too late and go back to its IPO price.

13)Thai Bev- listening to master leong advice, sustainable growth and continue to show good profit, might have bought slightly higher this time round but oh wells, i don't mind paying a premium for a good counter.

14) Thomson medical- time will tell for this counter, heavily manipulated hopefully my Ep is the right one . Nothing much on this penny counter.

So thankful if u had read till the end, i have not been active and posting much but i promise to be more active once i settle all my overseas trip which have been overdue. And yes holiday just started for me and i have visited quite a bit to clear my minds and also to enjoy the fruit and success that each individual work to reach today. Remember u might loss big time in the market but don't be afraid invest prudently and u will be rewarded! Basically i am still looking at this few counter too but not vested yet $AEM(AWX.SI) $Sunningdale Tech(BHQ.SI) $DBS(D05.SI) $UOB(U11.SI) $Venture(V03.SI) $UMS(558.SI)

Any counter that u might be interested in also, do comment down below and i might take a chance to look upon and help u see when is a good price entry to enter!

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VENTURE-- alive -bang bang


VENTURE- sellers got trapped

Sold this morning 16.71


Gg god bless your portfolio...that is one portfolio that will KO...


Saw Falcon Energy 's NAV is 0.079?,so can I ask which number is indicative?.Thank you.


I never update my profile but currently I am only holding 4 stocks


Reply to @learnerlim : Yes I will update the post ASAP.

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keep green mountain, no scare no wood to burn


Reply to @ThumbTackInvestor : better than ur green mountain slowly rot away. before rot must do something. cut aways some of the weak trees, don't let the decay spreads

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Not joke . All buy quite high. If you may consider reduced some position of the stock. Sell off the stock high risk stock. And sell off the stock if currently have not suffer big loss. Can buy back the stock after market crisis over.


Reply to @Songfabkt : LOL definitely not, i only have one account.

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This is my one piece of advise. Go for an investing course. Invest in yourself first. And see the difference.


Reply to @Alphaeus_C : send me your email address i will send there. i don't have the right to post it here and they will think like it's an advertisement.

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Reply to @Alphaeus_C : Current Price vs Entry Price

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Too many Stocks to hold, if for me l will select Max. 5 or 6 better Stocks from 14 Stock, the remaining will sell away and Stocks are down trend also sell away. keep up trend Stock such Vicom, Sats, breaktalk etc.


Reply to @ilovedollars : For me is yes, sell all or else will lose more. small lose can earn back.

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