So after one week. What do you think? false breakout or further upside?


Reply to @div1g4in : Someone who attended the recent investor briefing was kind enough to send me his notes
From the notes, I think the Q2 results aren’t gg to be particularly fantastic
Cos the production costs of TBR will be in, while the revenue won’t be.
Yet, the off take agreement is coming this month.
Also, I’ve a much longer horizon than a mere quarter, obviously
The only benefit of this info is that it gives me some indication of when to add, if I decide to
As for Breakout....... that u gotta ask the demand some experts.
After asking so long, I still don’t understand the logic

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20 is a reversal indicator, every time Geo energy tried to breakout, 20 will come out with a bullish call later. Instead of pushing it higher, the bull fizzle out lol


If the price is attractive from FA view, then can buy since the price is stable.
BTW if TTI is trying to buy, better finish first before announcing here to save $$$


Reply to @thosai : lol I'm not buying.
Just putting this out for discussion.

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