what a big portfolio ... bigger than another annoying guy's here at IN.

some qns:
1) how u decide the sizing of each stock
2) u holding to starhill? it's dropping, no end in sight
3) u don't buy any growth stock?


Reply to @3Fs : ok noted tks! I am looking to add if FCT goes further down towards 1.30-1.32 level. Good yield + stable dpu.

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Just curious, You truncate your market price to 2 decimal place right? Otherwise some of the total value (SGD) looks wrong. Also, is it possible to indicate your average price of your portfolio?


Reply to @gagnant76 : Hi I actually use sgxcafe to validate the total market value. Maybe its a bit off but nothing out of the world off I hope. Thanks for pointing out though.


thanks for sharing... nice planning for the family

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