Target Price

$Venture(V03.SI):it suffered severe sell down recently a became very oversold. Seems it is likely to have some tech rebound soon. I may consider this plan to catch the potential further rebound. but venture is very volatile. i will setup position partial by partial gradually.

Entry: enter at ard 18.95-19.07, Stop loss price: 18.70

venture is very volatile now, this setup is for speculation, and try to catch a possible rebound only, not for "long term investment" and no guarantee of winning. stop loss plan must be prepared and followed closely to control risk

my view for your reference.

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Funds flowing back in. Next week when macro turns better, swee swee liao


Reply to @pandatrader : Donald Trump bo eng next week liao because he will be haul up for investigation & probable impeachment liao! He will have to handle female porn stars testifying against him. Lolll


Today jin swee ah... All the other techs gostan Venture di di like iron man!


Reply to @daniellim20 : He is iron man!

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Last 2 days buyers support. Rebound soon?


strong buying support at 19.60


Now Daiwa jeeping also... at 19.72.


Nice entry price. Wished I dared enter yestd at 18+. Congrats!


Funds (ML, CITI and Instinet) squeezing shorts later?


Good thing i was not "wiped out" & exited @ lower target price which would have eroded my profit.


Target gonna hit today with shorts squeeeeze.

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$Venture(V03.SI) it seems start to move already. may consider buy a bit first. if break above 18.00 resistance,will be a confirmation of a potential rebound and likely to move high. i will explain the reason later.

I will consider this plan below for trading

Entry: enter enter if price reach 18.01(do not enter early, wait for the break out of 18.00 resistance)

Something is wrong price(if price drop to this level, means the move is not as good as expected, need to be cautious and i will consider sell, at least partial): 17.78

Stop loss price:17.53

Die die must get out price: 17.46

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Target Price

$Venture(V03.SI) . seems the rebound is likely to continue some more. i may consider this plan to catch the potential further rebound

enter at ard 19.96-19.98, stop loss at 19.72

RISK INVOLVE: My focus is to catch those fast moving stocks, so my trading signal can be speculative for you. They are just my view for my own trading, not perfect and can not guarantee to win. I always manage risk actively.

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$Venture(V03.SI) is still in an uptrend. After the consolidation for the past 2 weeks, it may start to run again. Seems the breakout of 28.90 resistance is likely to trigger the potential further move. I may consider this plan to catch the potential further move: Entry: enter at ard 28.90-28.92, Stop loss price: 28.63

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