For the month of April. Small gain and big losses. But overall still winning from a one time gain off Creative. $CSE Global(544.SI) $Falcon Energy(5FL.SI) $FJ Benjamin^(F10.SI) $Jiutian Chemical(C8R.SI) $Thomson Medical(A50.SI) $Sembcorp Marine(S51.SI) $SGX(S68.SI) $SingPost(S08.SI) $SingTel(Z74.SI) $StarHub(CC3.SI) Looking @ $Creative(C76.SI) $AEM(AWX.SI) $UOBKH(UOBKH.BK) $Keppel Corp(BN4.SI) $KrisEnergy(SK3.SI) $Creative(C76.SI)

The best portfolio...
1) show pride , not just proof
2)tell a story, not a catalog
3)illustrate process, not just passion

For me stock market has been and always will be a place to earn some nice money for keeping or for investing. People teach me 101 reason to invest in this or that. I am always willing to lend a open ear and listen to what they have to offer. If u buy a stock and don’t go their agms. I rather u don’t invest at all. Some might laugh and say wa u small boy want to teach us old school investor how to invest right. I am like no boss I am just sharing my thoughts and opinion if u can’t handle the truth no matter how rich or successful. I see u no ups cause u don’t give us a chance to prove thAt if u give me a dollar I can earn 10 bucks from it.

Life will also give u a massive kick in the face. I am prepared to write off my 400k worth in midas for the time being. Not because I can’t afford the loss but because fraudulent is involve and we helpless shareholder are caught with the pants down( just to put a disclaimer I did earn big from midas that why willing to go in big. At the end still a loss but not 400k worth of loss)

Why I decide to invest in each and every one of them I will do a details analysis of my observation by today at a later post. At the end Dyodd u will be able to invest right and reap the profits. No gain no loss. Today$Venture(V03.SI) was just a heap of bad news. For venture shareholders please have concise plan cause i predict one or a few more bad news can send this share back to $20

Bank stocks in general are also way overpriced that why I sold off my 8 lot of$DBS(D05.SI) 15 lot of $OCBC Bank(O39.SI) 1 month back. Anyways market overall still looking okay except for semi conducter atm

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Boss any comments on SingTel .. holding ? Adding more ?


Reply to @HY12345 : Yes planning to add more once I free up some funds. But now have cash to play a bit of tech stocks for contra.


Why are you invested in falcon energy? Any insights?


Reply to @fallenx : I lost money In falcon before that and somehow manage to earn 3/4 back when I buy back at a Low of 0.035 before selling @0.045. Why I decide to invest please go read my post about it when I i vested at 0.050 and I thought it was resting at its 50 Ma line and is well supported. But downtrend happen trade war happen so yeah. I decide to invest also I believe oil and gas sector picking up. Even if falcon is going through a lot of financial difficulties but the price now is justifiable base on net asset


there is no midas in the statement?


Reply to @MASterYODA : oic. ps didnt know. me newbie.

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Hi, looks like you're doing this on excel. Able to share how you manage to get the stock prices?


Reply to @kk63teh : earn my first pot from here. this is purely for holding purposes

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$CSE Global(544.SI) hope to see this gem fly all the way to 50 cents. Still feeling bullish and if they can maintain a good and positive 3rd quarterly. I have faith that this will go back to it glory 70-80 cents high and maybe break out from there. U never know when u have a backing of the biggest oil & gas in malaysia. But as oil pick up so does most oil counter. Huat to everybody that is vested in $falcon and $cse global

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$CSE Global(544.SI) Heading towards 50cents with upcoming dividended that is about 1.2 cents around August. Dividend looks good at 2.75 cents year round. Just need time and we should see this stock fly to 60 cents on the hindsight. Looking good to those that vested @0.410 huat ah

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$CSE Global(544.SI) people ask what else I invest here u go.

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$Falcon Energy(5FL.SI) i be heading to KL for a short trip.can we see falcon heading towards 0.050 and to those supporters of oil and gas we can hope for a good recovery on the sector. Though falcon still have some legal issue surrounding it, their assets wise are still there and as oil generate more cash , they will definitely have greater revenue.

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$CSE Global(544.SI) will we see 50 cents. Really boils down to market sediment. I wanted to double down when it hit 0.450 as I recently free off some funds in the telecom sector and also commodities. But like all people, better to diversify your port and hold steady for those counter you think have opportunities to succeed big. This right here have the chance.All the best to those vested here:) roi as of now 18.7 % vested @ 0.410 and received nearly 15k worth of dividened plus price point of cse as of closing.

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