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What kind of orders do you usually place when buying a stock? For me, I mostly perform limit order so that I do not pay too much slippage. It works well in SG where prices are not very volatile.

A market order is used to enter or exit a position quickly. It will be filled, but not necessarily at the price expected (called slippage).

A limit order is used to cap the amount that is paid on a buy order, or to sell at a specific price (or above) on a sell order. The is a risk of not being able to fill the order fully.

A stop order is used to capture a specific price (or higher) on a buy order, or to capture a specific price (or lower) on a sell order.

A buy stop limit order is used to buy at a specific price or lower (or within a range), while a sell stop limit is used to sell at a specific price or higher (or within a range). This combines elements of the basic stop and limit order types.

Market if touched orders trigger a market order if a certain price is touched. A limit if touched order sends out a limit order if a specific trigger price is reached.

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Market order
Limit order
Stop order
Buy stop limit order
Market if touched order
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Tried market order once on a running stock .. end up getting filled at the intra-day high lol

Usually just use limit order, or just wait for price to reach the desired price first before buying/selling directly off the queue.


Reply to @LevelUp : got same experience b4. accidentally put market order for an illiquid us stock, then buy at day high cos got one fella placed a high ask price. lucky him.


It work for SG "easily" because it is not volatile, but again it is "not that good" to trade compare to US side(I do placed limit order and/or market order at US market however.)


Reply to @Snorlax : Ya us market more volatile. Limit order sometimes cannot fill cos boat leave very fast.


Sg broker order types very limited


What I heard, local bank brokerages do not have limit or stop loss order? I using Stan chart they have limit orders


I use everything, except for market order.


Reply to @BULLytheBEAR : That one for bb to use...


Ya lo, I find alot brokers useless one. Don't even have stop buy features. I don't like!


i only got limit order

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