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Just read your article and drew some lines to tryout. I'm a complete novice at charts ( @wellhandy can attest to that lol).

For a longer term investing, when I plot in months, I can see several bases formed. It seems like a demand zone is formed in the region indicated, am I correct or am I looking at this wrongly?

I see a 9 month base in the chart, does that suggest anything? More intense rally/drop?

Also, how would I know if DBR is happening if the 'R' is still not clear?

Additional thought, I wonder how we can make DnS work with 200MA.


Just to top-up what I've read be4, smth quite similar:


Thank you. Can you point me towards more material to better understand how to identify demand and supply zone for buying and selling?

Can I also confirm that you wait for the pull back to confirm if it is a demand zone? Ie the stock will be trading within a range? And what timeframe are you typically working off? a few days? Weeks etc?


Reply to @zeeq : Sam Seiden is big on supply and demand. Did take the course at OTA?

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How do you determine the range for the base and zones?


Reply to @MorningStarTrader : For demand zones, the base can be made of green or red candles.
For green, entry at the close and sl below the lowest point of the candle.
For red, entry at the open and sl below the lowest point of the candle.
You also have to factor in the bid and ask spread.


thanks for sharing.


Which person(s) uses this method 103 years ago? Mind to share some examples? Just curious.


Reply to @zeeq : Can you make a call and let us know based from the supply demand. wanna learn.

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