Its not just about the coal price, and yes coal price is starting to fall in China. But a USD100 newcastle coal never helped Geo Energy stock price any way (vs Adaro etc.)
It is about the lack of updates on the acquisition (acquisition price was revised up from 2 per ton to now 3 per ton), and the delays in the offtake agreement. Something feels wrong. Without a proper acquisition, this is just a company with 4 year life span.

, but very disappointed.


Reply to @l0nEr : wait, what acquisition are you referring to?


I been trying to understand this chart. But still don't understand how to relate to current market price... I only can see every time after Dec it will slowly go down & a bit flat... Is this what u mean? or can help give more hints please... thanks :)
now going to spring soon. the elec usage will be flat compare to summer & winter. this is what I learn from ur blog. there is a elec usage chart u post on ur blog. maybe is spring time, the consumption will lower so market price drop even result Good?


Reply to @ThumbTackInvestor : sound complicated to me... hehehe
think I roughly get what u mean thanks :)

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nice. shows clearly forward looking bias on market discounting mechanism.

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