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If I am not wrong there was a gap up from 5 dollars to 6 dollars a week ago when it was rallying. If these few days, it closed the gap at 5 dollars, it will portend further drop.
It is now 5.8+, the 5 to 6 dollars level is thus a crucial level mark to watch. DYODD.


$20 coming lol more winning law suits comng too


Reply to @Spinning_Top : Still holding tiny 3 lots lol let it solo swim no time monitor

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Initiated a small position with a few thousand shares at 1.96 on last Friday. This morning exited at 4.34. First tikam stock for the year. Will write about it at a later stage.


Reply to @Spinning_Top : I queued for it during lunch break time and got it at that price. Thank you and I also wish you success too.

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I post news and interesting blog items daily. Little did I know this post is simply insane. After I posted this article, tagged an IN user who seem to like this counter, have a look at the chart. Looks quite nice. Initiated a small position and went away. Afternoon checked the status, the price rocketted...many were commenting..

Maybe it will continue to rocket or it could fizzled out next week..I dont know honestly...will watch the chart.


Reply to @Spinning_Top : Got attention already will rise again on Monday


creative circuit breaker gonna get triggered soon lol


Reply to @PropTrader : Icic. Thanks bro for the info.

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Guys imagine this: The Super X-FI chip being integrated in all your handphones and TV. What do you think it will be like? Lets say creative sells one chip for USD 150, if they sell 100million chips, what is the revenue base like?


Reply to @newbinvestor : I call that speculation. But i have crypto assets, I LIKE SPECULATION. Watching sidelines..


Can someone explain to me why is 3D sound so revolutionary that can cause such a spike in share price??? Although i didnt manage to see this coming, i'd wish to know so i can learn..


Reply to @Indigo : home entertainment systems allows multiple listeners at once.. But headphones regardless 3d or not, only allows for one. Correct me if im wrong.. It really excites me to see such a share price movement in sgx!

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congrats to all that is vested huat ah ! best CNY angbao hahaha


Mad rush for Creative.


Response to Queries Regarding Trading Activity
The Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Creative Technology Ltd (the “Company”) refers to the
queries from the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”) on 23 February 2018
regarding the unusual price movements in the Company’s shares on 23 February 2018.
The Company wishes to respond to the queries as follows:
Question 1: Are you (the issuer) aware of any information not previously announced concerning
you, your subsidiaries or associated companies which, if known, might explain the trading? Such
information may include events that are potentially material and price-sensitive, such as discussions
and negotiations that may lead to joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions or purchase or sale of
significant asset. You may refer to paragraph 8 in Appendix 7.1 of the Mainboard Rules for further
- If yes, the information shall be announced immediately.
Company’s Response
The Company is not aware of any material information concerning the Company, its subsidiaries and
associated companies that might explain the unusual price movements in the Company’s shares.
Question 2: Are you aware of any other possible explanation for the trading? Such information
may include public circulation of information by rumours or reports.
Company’s Response
The Company has made an announcement -- ‘Creative’s Super X-Fi™ Headphone Holography Wins
Best of CES Award 2018’ ˗˗ on a new major technology, which was posted on SGXNet on 17
January 2018. Business Times has published an article today on this new technology. Besides
these, the Company is not aware of any other possible explanation for the unusual price movements
in the Company’s shares.
Question 3: Can you confirm your compliance with the listing rules and, in particular, Mainboard
Rule 703?
Company’s Response
The Company confirms that it has complied with the listing rules of SGX-ST and, in particular,
Mainboard Rule 703.
The Board of Directors collectively and individually take responsibility for the accuracy of the
aforesaid replies to the queries raised by SGX-ST.
By Order of the Board
Ng Keh Long
Company Secretary
23 February 2018


Reply to @PropTrader : lol...standard reply can be summed up in few words "Dont Know"

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Tale of a Creative stock – 6 months later



Time flies and it had been 6 months since Creative suddenly woken from deep slumber (after many years) in late February. You can revisit some history from my post 6 months ago.

As mentioned in Mar when I last wrote, Creative is like an IPO as all previous support and resistance had been erased and it will take 6 months to find its support and resistance level ( liken to the moratorium ).

Based on the chart, the support has been established at $5.30 and the resistance level is at $6.85. Twice it attempted to break out (early June and mid-July) by breaking the upper limit of the Bollinger Band but it did NOT break the resistance wall at $6.85.
(Sorry the attached diagram got typo).
The 180 DMA has been steadily rising and now is a $4.40 level, if the price continued to be range bound between the support and resistance level, the 180 DMA will cross the support line by end September.

Now, as the ‘moratorium’ is ending, I am very sure we going to see some actions from now to March 2019. Whether it is going to be a breakout or breakdown, you have to be very nimble now as all the bad boys are already in. 

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Creative co-founder Ng Kai Wa sells shares at average price of $9.08 each


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Tale of a creative contra stock: Creative Technologies



Disclaimer: I am just sharing a recent trade from the technical analysis
perspective and I do not advocate buy, sell, hold, reduce or add call.  Basically, like you; I come to the market to
make money. I understand everyone hold different views on investment and my
style might differ from you. If your views are different, I would like
constructive comments and please do not flame me.  I would like to share and learn from each other.



February 2018,  Friday

After I posted a news story on Creative Tech “Creative brings '3D' sound to
headphones after US$100m R&D”
, I took a look at the chart.

It is not a chart I look often at all because it had not been “moving” for a long,
long while. And many people have forgotten about it. But when I looked at the
chart pattern, I saw something different this time.  Creative Tech seems to have bottomed after 12
years of decline! 12 long years (since 2005). 
The years between 2002 to 2005, the counter was moving sideways.  That’s why I always myself to apply stop
loss.  A counter can takes more than a
decade to hit bottom.

do I said it had bottomed out?

It had 2 spikes in 2017 and the 20 DMA is higher than the 200 DMA.  The 200 DMA seem to be rising after August
2017.   The 200 DMA had been on decline
since 2005.  There is a change in pattern…


counter opened gap up.  Gap up shown the
price had jumped and it could represent a significant change and to me it
present a trading opportunity.  The price
last closed was 1.25 and it opened 1.46. 
The price was running up quite rapidly and I locked in the order before
lunch and got the price at 1.96.  I
actually thought the price would probably go up to 1.80 but after lunch the
price kept surging.  In the late
afternoon, it went as high as 3.39. 
While extremely long candles are common in the U.S markets where price
movement are more volatile, in Singapore it is rare.  I was tempted to take profit but I did not.  It still closed very nice at a nice number of

24- 25 February 2018, Saturday and Sunday

I did some thinking over that weekend and made some calculations.  I reckoned that it is impossible to have 2
extremely long candles for consecutive sessions. One extremely long candle that
jump 100% is very rare, so what is the chance of another one.  Not likely. 
I mapped out the different scenarios on Monday, (a) doji (b) red candle
engulfing and (c) 50% green candle.

And if a) and b) occurred by afternoon, exit at 2.8, I still want to take
profit.   If (c) occurred, target price 4 dollars.

26 February 2018, Monday

Creative opened much higher on Monday at 3.30, it continued to run up.  At 9:10am, it went past 4 dollars, locked in the order and sold off at 4.34.   The
highest price that day was 4.38.

Why I did contra instead of swing trade or even holding the counter longer?

There is no exact right or wrong.  If you
see the 1st chart, you would know that Creative Tech market cap is
small now and basically it had been not moving. 
There had been no coverage from analyst for a long time.  Those who bought at higher prices have
already long left the market or had forgotten about it.  There is an absence of support and resistance
level, so if I hold longer I am not sure which price would be the resistance or
the support level.   I am not keen to take this risk as I want to
take profit.

What about going forward?

At this juncture, I would coined Creative Tech is going through an “IPO” phase. 
That means prior to February 23, the price is now deemed as undervalue.
New buyers have come in and like
IPO, new price points (including new support and resistance) will be
established the next 5 months. They will be the stabilizing agent. I am also aware that the fund managers, BB had also came
in, so with increased coverage and increased stake, the price should not go
back to 1 dollars plus the next weeks or months. It may hover around this price
and the possibility to go much higher is very likely too.

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