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What actually MIDAS last few married deals were able to attract many investors followed up bought in and myself included, then now suddenly with this negative news then what to do next...?


Reply to @jeremyowtaip : CFD also cannot buy Midas. Reach their upper limit

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Think a lot of people made some money in the beginning, got greedy and went in again and now got caught. Pity those who didn't get in the first time and got caught in the 2nd round :-)


Does a suspension always definitely lead to bankruptcy?


Reply to @Jackson0124 : Some maybe lucky like Noble still able to trade. If u were to look and many china stocks listed here many years ago; one by one collapsed & many were suspended and eventually bankrupt.

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Delong is another dangerous counter... chiong super fast up or down...


Reply to @lisaneo : sadly no one will listen when the stock is doing well and making them alot of money.

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Another one that bite the dust .
Only left a few quality china stock .
Heng never buy as dislike the management .


Reply to @learnerlim : agreed, company drop from $1 plus until a few cents, no faith in the company.


suspended without any warning.stocks are so high risk


Midas CEO and Raffles Education CEO are helmed by the Chew brothers.


Auditors to be sued, right?. What action our regulatory authority will do. So many stocks suspended. Too bad


really左勾拳右勾拳。release bad news and suspend when the big bear bites


me here laying shit. throw banana if u want. Today KE report

China Star Food
- 3QFY18 net profit slumped 33.7% to Rmb8m, swinging 9MFY18 to a net loss of Rmb4.8m (9MFY17: Rmb51m loss).
- For the quarter, revenue tumbled 20% to Rmb92.3m, as its Zilaohu factory had not been producing at optimal capacity following a resumption of operations in mid Sep '17 after a production halt.
- Accordingly, gross margin collapsed 16.7ppt to 27.3%, and this was exacerbated by lower sale prices due to a change in channel management strategy.
- But, the strategy alleviated some pressure on bottom line, as it passed on substantial marketing and distribution costs (-73%) to external distributors.
- NAV/share at Rmb1.41.


Reply to @GrandpaLemon : doesn't seem so bad

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