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Singapore Airlines' passenger load factor up 2ppt in Jan-Feb 2017
Improved performance for first two operating months, possible improved tourism flow from china due to travel ban on south korea.

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Multiple big buyer movements today at 10.5 resistance and few weeks back at 10.35 during market start, something is brewing


10.5 liao, half way to TP! Appears that strong operations for this quarter has pushed price up, people are positive of the earnings in coming Q results. Entered at 9.89, 6% capital gain now!


Trending upwards!


Wow 10.28, breaking so many resistance!


looking to chiong above 10.1!


Looking to break 10.1 soon, hovering around high 9.9x to 10.0x for past few weeks


Good news for SATS... :)

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Operating profit increase 45 percent YoY on quarter results but share price increase by one percent. People really numb to this share already

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LONDON, June 14 ― The flag carrier of Singapore has taken the top spot in the world airline ranking published this week by AirHelp, a technology company that provides legal services to airline passengers travelling into or out of the European Union.

AirHelp has analysed the performance of airlines all around the world, considering factors such as punctuality, services and passenger experience. Ticket pricing is not taken into account in the ranking. The freshly published list sees Qatar Airways drop to third place, due to its punctuality. Singapore Airlines come top for punctuality, edging its way into first place overall. Etihad Airways completes the top three, coming in second place.

With the exception of Canada's Air Transat (fifth), European airlines make up the rest of the top 10. The UK leads the way with two airlines in the top 10: British Airways (seventh) and Virgin Atlantic Airways (eighth). Both score eight out of 10 for quality of service. However, the highest-ranking European airline is Austrian Airlines (fourth).

As well as rating airlines, AirHelp applied the same criteria to airports around the world. Singapore again came out on top, with Singapore Changi Airport ranked number one, followed by Munich International Airport in second and Hong Kong International Airport in third. ― AFP-Relaxnews

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Qatar airline share price drop 7 percent, appears that there is no confidence in the airline amidst the instability.

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Price is gapping up by 10 cents each day! May be a sign of big buyer movement or SH anticipating good quarter results.

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Planning for the future, reducing need of conventional aircraft fuel - Finding alternatives in unstable oil conditions

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