Charting To Profits: High Probability Trades — 20% OFF for lifetime subscription promo will be ending within the next 2 days. 

By a professional with more than 10 years experience in the stock market, Bee Heng’s service has provided excellent trading setups.

Some examples which had strongly outperformed the STI, were just some of the many bullish stocks spotted. 

Cosco Shipping: 30% since December

Sembcorp Marine: 40% since December

*actual screenshots of Bee Heng's trading setups

It has also been rated 5 stars by some of his subscribers:

"Bro Ong is a pro trader and a TA specialist. His trades are of lower risk but with higher return. I said lower risk because his entry price is usually at or near strong support or just started to rebound from strong support. Therefore, his trades has higher probability of moving up. For those who do not know what is a trading plan, you should subscribe to take a look and learn from there. He provide a detailed trading plan based on TA. If you are a newbie who has no or min. knowledge of TA, I believe after reading his detailed trading plan complete with charts, your TA knowledge will improve and thus you will be a better trader. Furthermore, if you need any advice he is there to assist you. I would say this is a good subscription to try and I give it a 5 stars. You can don't believe me. Just try one month to see for yourself.”- Stockcham, author of the ebook Stockcham's Trading Guide

"I would strongly recommend this subscription service for anyone that is interested in stock trading, especially in sg market. Trading is not an easy feat especially when you need to juggle multiple priorities like work and family, but rest assured by subscribing to this service, you will receive pretty zhun stock calls (when the opportunity arises) from bro Ong. Also, he will be there to answer your queries in stock trading with his wealth of experience accumulated over the years and I had benefited a lot thus far. I will give this subscription service a 100/100 definitely." Wax86, early subscriber of Bee Heng 

"I just subscribed to Mr Ong's product when it was first launched till now. I am an experienced trader who went thru the SARS ,dotcomm and lehman crisis. Most other products and courses I find is a waste of time and money but when i tried out Mr Ong's product , it changed my views. I find his trade plan is very well planned with a cut loss and take profit price. He has also done a thorough study on the charts which he also attached. I have made money from his trade plans. He also replies timely to my queries as market conditions changes. I would highly recommend his subscription to everyone. He even exposes us on how to plan our trade size using an excel template. An excellent trader - Mr Ong. Keep up the good work . I depend on you to navigate my ship, Captain Ong. Salute." - Thamwk, early subscriber of Bee Heng

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(This promo extends till 3rd Feb, Saturday). Update:
Good news! Due to the popular demand and we have decided to extend the promotion to the end of Sunday, 4th Feb 23:59pm. No further extension will be made.

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The promotion will end tonight at 11.59 PM. Do take this opportunity to join me as I continue to uncover more profitable trades for my subscribers!


Reply to @ongbeeheng : congrats on singPost


I clicked but price not at 20 percent anymore even its not 4th sun yet. Can extend?


Reply to @darktrader : Hi, the promotion ends on Sat, 3rd Feb and not Sunday. However, good news is that due to the popular demand and requests and we have decided to extend the promotion to the end of today (Sunday, 4th Feb) 23:59pm. No further extension will be made. You can register it before it is closed today. Thank you.

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