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Uber +grab = cdg gg? Pay so much to deter the enemies but enemies retreat with good profits?


Reply to @WolfberryofWallStreet : cdg management that gullible meh??


cdg need a good gps.. no direction now... I waiting to short if there is chance.


Reply to @lynlynnakamori : I had been shorting cdg since 2.75. no more position in cdg now.. i trade both direction.. my position is so small don't think it will influence the market.

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Reply to @ipotrust : IPOtrust is the new cult of IN

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lynn why are you getting defensive? most likely IN investors like us are unlikely to influence the prices significantly.

Plus everyone is welcome to share his/her opinions. As for your friend who cut loss prematurely, it is his choice, no-one else to blame.


This is the Chinese version of the English version news article that was also shared yesterday in IN. Nothing new has happened thus far. It is still at rumour stage. We shall have to see any further updates especially from the parties themselves such as Uber and Grab before we can have any concrete opinions. Thus, I think it is advisable not to act prematurely on rumours in terms of buying or selling of CDG shares for more longer term investors unless one is using technicals or any other methods of interpreting the short term share price movements to do short term trading. This is because rumours may or may not become real reality in the end.


Reply to @jeremyowtaip : OK, thanks. My humble thoughts : CDG bought over LCR, it didn't buy Uber. LCR is a subsidiary of Uber. Assuming Grab buys Uber, Grab will have to 1)buy 51% stake of LCR from CDG or Grab has to 2) sell 49% of LCR stake to CDG. I strictly believe Grab will not coexist with CDG with 49/51 LCR stake, since they are sworn enemies. For 1, CDG will sure ask for sky high price (since Grab is eager to control the market) and at the same time can off load its assets which most people here said they are depreciating. Then in Singapore, there are only 2 players left. Grab and CDG. If Grab does what it used to do, that is, be a ride hailing company, with a large fleet of cars, it is now a major player, but only in the PHVs, not in taxi. It still had to live with CDG everyday. Life so not be rosy for Grab. As per current, many CDG drivers are using Grab apps, so taxi drivers are paying rental to CDG and commission to Grab. For 2, it will be a boon for CDG, when it control 100% of LCR cars. As per current situation, Grab also rent from LCR, so CDG becomes Singapore biggest car rental company, renting out taxis and PHVs, and it does not have to worry if taxi drivers have enough jobs, it just collect rent.

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Stay calm. Don't short. ok today you may just want to take a short break, so that you can CHIONG like bullet!!


it is not easy to trade CDG
she went so much difficulty to breakout
they were many to sell short to bring down the price
they stir fear and create panic to make weaker holders
worry and they cut loss and join them to sell


Oops.. is that turnaround story or a big turnoff?


Reply to @Dazzler27 : need more info.


bad news right cdg dont drop so little and on so low volume one. my guess is retracement

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