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*New Polling Feature*

Hi everyone, 

We have just released a much requested feature, allowing users to create poll as a way to get feedback from the community. This is part of our effort to give more options to our users to share in the feeds. We are constantly looking to incorporate more tools to better represent the content which is shared on our platform.

To create a new poll, just head over to the start a poll tab in the post form (refer to screenshot), enter at least two options to be polled. Set an expiry date for the poll if you intend for the poll to be within a timeframe. And there you go, you have created your own poll.

Lets start out with a poll here. 

Which feature do you think we should work on next? Below are some popular ones. Let us know by voting. 

Hope you guys like this feature! 

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Multiple Portfolio with enhanced functionality
Private/ Public Groups
Private/ Group Messaging
Price Alerts
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it is extremely frustrating and difficult to reply to a comment based on a comment link.
(ie. click on a comment url link, you get the options "back to post" and "edit" but
- there is no shown comments of what this comment is replying to and
- which comments is replying to this comment and
- you cannot reply to this comment as well.)

we have to go back to the post and load all the comments and scroll all the way down in search of the comment thread.
this simply raises the ire of those trying to reply and see the context of the comment.
it also hinders interaction and raises the difficulty of replying.

strongly suggest implementing comment thread viewing and replying for comment links.


Reply to @wellhandy : kudos on the new UI changes on desktop.
hurray for no more blocky avatars/textboxes.
cosmetic but the old version was glaring.


Looks like a bug, it was showing my avatar next to my vote, but now i see another user's.


Reply to @thosai : HI thank you very much for letting us know. We have found the problem and is fixing it.

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Polling only works in browser, not in App. Using Android


Reply to @GrandpaLemon : Hi @GrandpaLemon Yes voting can only be done in the web. We are still working to support this in the mobile app.

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this will be very useful during IPO or when gaffmen decides to increase GST


Reply to @KallangBunny : sure bro..already got Rooster as president, why not a talking bunny

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Discovered 2 problems:

User can only vote for one option in the poll
Cannot add/edit options once its cast in stone.

Please help out! Thanks!


Reply to @Smallcapasia : Good wat if notnkeep changing in its advantage den not accurate liao

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Pls allow voting for multiple choices.


I already tried it out here:

Please give it a try, thanks in advance!


Price alert will be nice. Let us use our Reputation points for the SMS, like 1 point for 1 rp :)


@duckie Now people can poll for The price is right competition liao ..


Reply to @KallangBunny : Haha....Of course can. Inaugural poll leh..

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