There is a friendly competition over at SSI to pick the top 3 stocks for 2018. At the end of the year, the highest average percentage will be the winner, ie each pick will have equal weight. No change of mind after the first week and picks will be locked as if you are holding for the entire year. No prize either, probably bragging rights! Lol

I have selected my picks which are also my current top 3 holdings. Why would I select anything else? I should be confident of my current portfolio. My picks for 2018 with their 2017 closing prices are:

1) UOI $7.28
2) DBS $24.85
3) Micro-Mechanics $2.11

Let see how it goes. It is all in good fun. What are your top 3 picks?


Rules added:

1) Last submission is tonight 12am 8 Jan
2) Dividends/Rights are too tedious and complicated to compute, so they are excluded. Stock split/consolidation/Bonus may be considered as it might decrease/increase the price significantly.
3) If any pick is delist or suspended, then the last traded price will be taken.
4) No $0.001 stocks as it will never go lower than that.


Top Picks:

8 Votes
$Wilmar Intl(F34.SI)

6 Votes:
$Geo Energy Res(RE4.SI)

5 Votes
$Alliance Mineral(40F.SI)
$Olam Intl(O32.SI)

4 Votes
$Lian Beng(L03.SI)


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i sold my ifs capital and plough all into nordic group.


if eu going ban palm oil import, wilmar might becomes a laggard
hopefully its just nato , kiv the case till next year


Reply to @lovehandle : y ban? then they use what?


On cursory observation I think Venture is establishing strong lead of well over 20%! I had my chance at below $10 but didn't bite. A classic case of high can go higher. All water under the bridge now.


Reply to @Bluechipfan : same here. but now thw price really is overvalued

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Once again thanks TII for the interesting 'contest'. I am sure to hold my 3 picks for the entire year and probably long beyond the year. At the same time, I am studying the picks by my fellow investors. I am sure there are hidden gems within waiting to be uncovered.


Reply to @Bluechipfan : You're welcome. I didn't intend to start this, just wanted to share my picks for 2018. Was surprised by the respond and interest, so I just put them in a excel for ease of reference for all. Hope you or anyone can extract anything useful from it. :)


Sorry guys, the deadline already past. This is the final list for this year.


Reply to @theintelligentinvestor : Thanks bro. just realised its using closing price 2017. which meant a headstart for me. Hahah.

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1. Olam
2. Cosco
3. AEM


1) Olam
2) Oxley
3) Halcyon Agri


1) Delong Holdings
2) AEM
3) AusGroup Ltd

the only 3 stocks in my portfolio.


Reply to @vincentwong10 : Nice!!!! All three share a common share holder!!!

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