In the spirit of giving, James will also be giving his "9 to 5 Investing Handbook" worth $29.90 to all his subscribers for free!

*Public Announcement: Launch of New Subscription Service*

Hi Everyone!
We're launching a new subscription service, called Top Stocks Under $2.

This service is provided by James from @Smallcapasia, who is a finance professional in the day & contributes articles to TheMotleyFool and Yahoo Finance. Having chalked up more than 10 years of investing experience and a decent track record, he aims to provide the essential research, tools and analysis for you to build your net worth faster.

One exemplary case is his latest book titled - "The 9 to 5 Investing Handbook" where it uncovers the secrets on how to pick winning reits and stocks.

This service will dig deep to uncover hidden gems in the market, identify and wait for the right catalysts to pull them into the spotlight.

What You Can Expect
Your exclusive subscription will include:

✔ 2 Detailed Stock Reports Monthly (which you will receive fortnightly on alternate Sundays)

✔ Earnings or New Development Follow-ups to the Highlighted stocks

✔ FREE 24/7 access to the every single report I've written

✔ FREE “Flash Alert” service within the InvestingNote platform

✔ FREE investing resources and tools

✔ Q&A to any burning questions you may have at anytime!

The 9 to 5 Investing Handbook
and...the list goes on!

When you subscribe to this service, you will also automatically be in a private discussion group with James as your provider who will keep you updated.

This service is exclusively available only on InvestingNote.

New Launch Special Promo

This promo has ended.

In the spirit of giving, James will still be giving his "9 to 5 Investing Handbook" worth $29.90 to all his subscribers for free!

You can cancel your subscription at any time without any obligations.


*click on 'my purchases' tab on the left panel of our website to access the contents after your purchase.

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Dear All, this announcement will end by today and i wish to do 1 last shout-out on my service.

If you are still unsure on whether to subscribe, why not give it a try and see if you like it first?

As 1 of my esteemed subscribers told me: 1 good recommendation can already allow him to gain back multiple-fold in return compared to the paltry $29/mth.

Last but not least, i am also preparing my next stock write-up. This company is a market leader in the country it operates, steady increase growth in its sales and profits and led by a founder with his skin in the game (>35% of shareholdings).

Don't miss out this opportunity by signing up today. On top of that, you also get my "9 to 5 Investing Handbook" Ebook and special report titled "3 Blue Chip Stocks for the Long Haul" totally FREE!

Mai Tu Liao!


Reply to @duckie : thanks a lot, can you help me do the review on the subscription service itself too? Appreciate it greatly!

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Dear Admin or any esperts
- last time when I selected "charts", I could have the charts and the watchlist listing come together within one screen - not sure what happened and now I can't see it anymore?
Please help? Thanks!!!:)


Reply to @Comfy1011 : got it!! Thanks for quick and helpful support!!

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hihi, for the benefit of all, allow me to delve briefly into why i buy and hold/sell the 3 stocks mentioned $800 Super(5TG.SI), $Acromec(43F.SI) and $GSH(BDX.SI).

$800 Super(5TG.SI)
Investment thesis: waste mgmt biz, easy to understand. high insider ownership, just raise prices for more moolah, expansion through Sludge treatment facility.

Why Hold? P/E ratio still reasonable, more growth prospects.

800 Super
Investment thesis: waste mgmt biz, easy to understand. high insider ownership, just raise prices for more moolah, expansion through Sludge treatment facility.

Why Hold? P/E ratio still reasonable, more growth prospects.

Investment thesis: Acromec is a niche player in the cleanroom, controlled environments with promise in the sectors that it serves, particularly the healthcare, biomedical, research and academia sectors.
Financials over the past few years growing by leaps and bounds.

Why Sell? Cost-overruns due to under-estimations of costs for the biz model. Increased revenue but even higher expenses -> Losses
Do not foresee a significant turnaround

Excerpt: "In addition, the Group was faced with execution difficulties and complexity on two of its healthcare projects where the projects’ adjacent critical facilities were running at full scale operations. This has hampered productivity and the resultant escalation of costs."

Investment thesis: Turnaround growth play.
Popiah King Mr Goh is heavily purchasing the shares during the time and aggressively networking with other partners for more opportunities. Undervalued based on the upcoming assets' development.

Why Sell?
GSH Tower occupancy rates not as high as expected. Earnings rather volatile too. Decided to hop to another better opportunity with better risk-reward ratio.

Hope it helps!


I think to clear the air.. @Smallcapasia bro, can you help to explain what is the motivation or reasons for investing into the top 3 multibagger stocks $800 Super, $Acromec and $GSH before they became multibaggers previously.. I would like to know the main driver of your buy recommendations.. is it undervalue? It is potential growth due to corporate expansion plan? is it due to dividends, due to good management? Please let us know specifically on each of the 3 stocks of possibble.. This will help others to determine if it's value in subscribing.. thanks!


Reply to @ThumbTackInvestor : I agree to that.. he is infact the most harkworking one around here.. haha

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This is so similar to Motley Fool's Stock Advisor/Stock Advisor Gold but at much lower price. Generally, I find it hard to buy stocks just based on recommendation by someone. I think due diligence is still required if one do sign up for such services but at the very least, it does provide list of potential stocks for subscribers to research further.


Reply to @Bluechipfan : Agree... investors should definitely still do their own due diligence, i also sign up for Motley Fool subscription services (Sg and US). I do that to get more exposure to great stock picks, one good buy can cover the entire subscription and more.

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Hi everyone, for those who has subscribed to this you will be able to access the ebook now. If you are using mobile app, you can go to your own profile page and click 'My Books' to access it. If you are using website, you can go to "My Purchases" on the left navigation bar to access the book. Thank you everyone for your support!


Reply to @numberator : You can give it a shot. If anytime you don't like, you are free to unsubscribe too :)


This begin to feel like good IPO subscription.. everyone wants to apply...Lol


Reply to @numberator : @HuatBrother said I not qualified leh.. what to do..
by the way..where is huatbrother ah? long time didnt see him hor

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any chance u guys might extend the $19 subscription promotion? It's the festive spirit after all :)


Reply to @InvestingNote : Actually hotcakes sale is but is a stalemate in singapore...

Btw can @InvestingNote do a auto prompt for followers when offers /news are available/ or keep it at top of post for like a day? So all can see the offers /news?

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A BIG thank you to all who have supported us!

You are still not too late as you will receive the Special Report titled "3 Blue Chip Stocks for the Long Haul" and my Ebook titled "9 to 5 Investing Handbook" for FREE!

I will still continue to publish new reports and tools for our exclusive subscribers.

So join us today! Happy New Year to you all!


Reply to @duckie : ya lah, we know you dtdtdtdt with dipsy liao

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