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We know Bitcoin is a trending topic for investors and traders right now, bubble or not….so we came up with a short video which includes some of our veteran community members to see how they feel about Bitcoin.

**Please watch with the volume on, no subtitles!**

Special thanks to the following community members for making this video possible:

We would also like to know how you feel about Bitcoin! Whether you’re vested, ready to jump in or avoiding it completely, let us know your thoughts as an investor or trader in the comments section below ↴

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Wow... there is just so much comments on this topic of Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies.

The community is really split down the middle with some of the view that this is the new future while others think it’s a bubble and might just collapse anytime.

I think we should be open minded to learn about what it has to offer yet at the same time consider the investment risk that it comes with.

I posted an article on InvestingNote that covers the basics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. And also covered the risk of investing in them. Hopefully this draws some balanced views for the community:


My simple advice, invest with what you can afford to loose. Any amount that is derived from your recurrent income or amount that you know you can still sleep well at night if you loose it all.

This way you can ride the upside and then managed your risk to the downside.

I think we can ignore this new phenomenon that is growing each day. Yet it comes with huge uncertainties and we can know what the future holds.


After so much research, invest in cryptocurrency (I did not say bitcoin) before widespread usage/regulation is shown. But prepare for it to tumble down after a general usage or regulation is given to cryptocurrency.

You can also invest in it after a general usage or world regulation is given to it.

Just don't be the last one to hold it when it tumbles. Don't be the first one to hold it after the regulation start to be implemented.

Similar to IPO, be the pre-investors whom can exit at a much higher value. Invest your kopi money during the IPO, and exit straight away if you make small gains because you dont know how the company will turn out.


Every action needs a reaction. Somehow it has crashed (>10% drop). So someone somewhere needs to reassure existing stakeholders not to join in the panic. As an analogy, recall the BestWorld saga. Theres no assurance it will hold value. So .. as TTI says. Greater Fool Theory. Get in early as the music starts and out before the music stops.


Reply to @HomeMaker : If it needs someone to enter to “reassure” others, then for sure it’s not used for its original function

Problem is, when the music is blasting and the wine is free flowing, you’re having a good time and nobody wants to leave the party a minute too early

Luckily for me, I never did like parties.


Most banks can come up their own version of bitcoin and is backed. I see no future on current ones.


Reply to @corycat : Possible but they are working using ethereum and some other blockchain like UBS.


People contributing to history ;) “ The bitcoin crash” may or may not happen hahaha merry Christmas


no FA or TA is needed for bitcoin. you need a powerful fortune teller.


Actually, turns out TTI is invested in bitcoin afterall!


Keep those computers running!

Turns out I’m also quite tech savvy afterall!


i didnt really look into bitcoins in depth, but i just want to quote Alexa Wong, an asset manager from HK:

1. investing in bitcoin is like investing in collectables, no one can really put an value to it.

2. current price movement is driven by fear of missing out.


As investors, we want to find businesses that are hard to replicate. One new coin business after another every now and then based on price chasing doesn't fit that. Even a local cafe owner is inventing his own coins. That speaks a lot of the coin businesses.

Last sharing before going back to reality to mind my own business:
"Even grandma is in"



Reply to @ozxinvest : 唉。。走火入魔, 神仙难救。

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