It’s not an investment it’s juz a bet on the future no sheer win but sure risk always prepare urself for kallang river but if u have a life jacket on it’s ok


Here is an article posted for InvestingNote to help people get started with understanding Bitcoin and the Blockchain.

For something that seems to have taken the world by storm, it’s certainly worth investing some time to learn and understand about it.

Certainly like all things that go parabolic, it likely won’t end well. That will shake out a a lot of people.

Then when the bubble burst and this crazy is over, who will be he survivors? And those perhaps might a great investment.

Don’t touch anything you cannot understand. But I do encourage the community learn more about it. It is perfectly fine not to touch it as an invest, but do keep in touch with regards to the development of what may become a new asset class.


I'm no expert in cryptocurrency although I did acquire a few myself early last year and am having fun watching my portfolio go from 100% to 1000% and am still waiting and seeing what will happen in a few years time. Having said that I'm no speculator either. My investing strategy had always been rather conservative and based on fundamentals. I do strongly believe in keeping an open mind and wonder how many of the financial expert naysayers today will join this list ( and eat their words like Steve Ballmer "There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share."


Reply to @bitssg : I'm still of the belief that an open mind is critical at this stage with cryptocurrencies. I don't harbour any view that they are in a bubble nor that they are in any way an asset, a commodity or otherwise. I'm not in cryptocurrencies to trade. I'm in it to learn. Just like no one knew if Apple will succeed with the iPhone in the 1990s, I highly doubt anyone can state in confidence that cryptocurrencies will survive or evolve to be in any form for the next 1, 5 or 10 years. I am in no position to make any prediction about bitcoin or any cryptocurrency or even begin to hazard a guess who Satoshi actually is. If he really is Elon Musk, then for anyone to say he's the next Steve Jobs won't be too far from the truth. I don't want to make a statement now only to have to eat my words later because I'll be the first to admit I don't know enough.

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