*Public Announcement: New Launch of Subscription Service*

Hi Everyone!
We're launching a new subscription service, called Charting to Profits – High Probability Trades.

Created by @ongbeeheng, who is a technical analysis specialist and a veteran remisier from UOB Kay Hian with more than 10 years of trading experience.

With this subscription, you will...
✔ Find The Best Stocks Weekly To Trade By Identifying And Cherry Picking The Best Stocks
✔ Reduce Your Time And Effort To Screen Stocks And Opportunities
✔ Maximize Your Trading Returns Consistently
✔ Know How The STI Is Expected To Perform
✔ Acquire Bee Heng As A Mentor
...and the list goes on!

When you subscribe to this service, you will also automatically be in a private discussion group with Bee Heng as your provider who will keep you updated.

This service is exclusively available only on InvestingNote.

New Launch Special Promo
This subscription is only going for $39.20/month and you will lock in all future monthly subscriptions at this great price! Usual price is $49/month. Limited time only.

You can cancel your subscription at any time without any obligations.

Grab this opportunity to get dedicated, high probability trading setups to increase your returns right now.

*click on 'my purchases' tab on the left panel of our website to start the course after your purchase."


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Booked partial profit on Olam today at $2.18. Here is an example of how my subscribers were able to get into the trade early with low risk and high reward.


Reply to @ongbeeheng : Made the buy call on Olam on 4 January 2018 at $2.02. Here is the chart.


Today we closed out our long trade on Sembcorp Marine with profit! Attached is the chart of Sembcorp Marine when I made the trade call on 7 January 2018.


One month have passed since the launch of this subscription service. The early subscribers have reaped the benefits as we positioned ourselves just before the recent rally.
Attached here is a performance evaluation of our trades. Assuming that we risk only $500 per trade. Trading costs are not taking into consideration here.
We have achieved a profitable rate of 66.67% with a high profit factor of 5.39!


Reply to @ongbeeheng : There's always good and bad investment. Important is to be in the market than to stay sideline for too long. Cheers

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@InvestingNote u say can cancel anytime, but how to cancel? other ppl ask le but u also ignore. y lidat... :'( like @heng2 say, really good business.


Reply to @deepvalueinvesting : Hi @deepvalueinvesting To unsubscribe, you can go to the top right corner and click on your username (in which a dropdown will show up), select order history. Look for the subscription and click on the exclamation icon on the far right, and you will see the option to unsubscribe.

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IN estimations cannot take as a guide la...some TP 1 pip times frames 1 yr lol


Reply to @lynlynnakamori : Hahaha. They are your fans now.

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Hi! Thank you for voicing that out.

Yes, I do have many misses for those estimations which I posted on IN. Most misses was due to fall short of the target price within the time frame. Frankly, I seldom like to put a time frame for the target estimation, as it is not a common practice for technical traders. There are many estimations which like to put very long duration for small target price, which served little purpose.
Nothing to be ashamed of or hide for those misses.

I have applied price action trading strategies to my trading and have achieved consistent results and good profits. The key to my trading strategy is to spot high probability trade setups based on support and resistance. The trade set-ups usually offer a low risk entry point which offer a good risk-reward ratio. Most successful traders will know that good risk-reward ratio is critical to their success. Do you know that with a risk-reward ratio of just 2.0, you will be well ahead of many traders even with a winning rate of just 50%?

In my experience, most traders or retailers do not have proper trade plans and risk management. They listened to tips and traded based on gut and feeling, which can be disastrous if the trades are not managed properly.

For the subscription service, I provide clear trading plans for my subscribers. All my trade calls will be supported with clearly labelled charts, entry price, stop loss price, potential profit targets and clear explanation for the trade setups. I will also provide updates on those trade calls and guidance along the way. Subscribers will have exclusively access to the discussion panel where they can post their questions and clear their doubts. I will usually answer the questions within the same day, as soon as I can. Along the way, I will also provide quality educational materials for my subscribers. This will be the place where you, as a subscriber, can pick up skills and learn how to trade in a systematic and orderly manner.

I have given my commitment to my subscribers.
Now it is up to the readers to decide whether you want to join me for an exciting trading journey. The subscription is monthly basis and you can cancel anytime before the next renewal.

I look forward to see you in the exclusively member site! Cheers!



I made so many wrong trades myself so I am very eager to learn and interested to maximize my profits but I am quite reluctant because when i check @ongbeeheng estimates I see he made 13 of which 2 hit and 11 miss. Doesn't look very convincing to me.


Reply to @beltrance : so true. all of us using TA know that there are just too many fakes so there will be many misses and wrong trades. One guy claims to have a 99% hit rate but I am very skeptical


So will he chart the chart we requested or will he show the charts he charted?


Reply to @Spartan : i m just stating my point nothing to do with mr ong post.

There are stock jedi everywhere ; stockcham ; bullythebear; prescientsuper etcetc

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Hi Bee heng
where is the site to subscibed?tks


Reply to @samueltan0 : We will PM you to find out more. Thank you.

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