Opportunity to get ebooks at 30% discount!

Hi everyone,

Great news! During this holiday season, we would like to extend a special promotion to some of the ebooks on our store. The promotion will end on 26th Dec 2017. So hurry up and check out those books that you have been looking for.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone Happy Christmas and huat ah in the market!

A special note to the book "Stockcham's Trading Guide": On the author's request, for books sold during this promotion, all the sales proceed belonging to him will be donated to Children's Society. All of the past donation history can be found on the books' description page at https://www.investingnote.com/store/produc...

The Spirit Of Christmas Is The Spirit Of Giving. Thank you @Stockcham for your kind donation. By the way, this books have received many many 5 star reviews. Check it out on the book page.

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tee tong yan is full of hot air.

just found out that during Dr Tee's 5 days course, he will relentlessly promote his advance classes. Only those who signed up for the advance classes will get use his free software.

Anyway, anyone can easily analyse log chart in IN or even excel. No need for his so-call charity.


Reply to @Martin_Seah : you mean Dr Chan from shareinv?
Not heard him speak or attended any of his lessons before.

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Thanks for the bum! First time know bump is push up. I must go for English language course.


Thank you everyone for the bump:)

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