Which will you buy if you can ONLY pick one of the following (and why)? Investment period is 10yrs, thanks.

Added note: perhaps also at what price ;-)

06 December 2017 (7:12AM) Summary/Update

$ThaiBev(Y92.SI) - 20 votes
- seems with highest growth
- more exposure outside Singapore
- more acquisitions lately
- unlikely tech disruption
- F&B essential
- more room for growth
- cash cow
- good for longer run
- cannot be replaced by robot

$ComfortDelGro(C52.SI) - 3 votes
- at much lower price (1.5, 1.8 etc.)
- public transport in demand
- Transportation. Basic needs of people.

$Sheng Siong(OV8.SI) - 2 votes
- could grow into giant super market world wide
- increasing cash flow yearly
- good divvy
- shop there often

None above - 4 votes

Other points
- 10 years horizon too long, regular review important regardless which is picked
- investment horizon 3yrs instead
- all 3 might moved out of Singapore market

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Nice compilation. But TB is not in most of @hachiko hall of fame leh.


Reply to @Evilcrownofthorns : Singtel was the top choice in my 'Hall of Fame'. Hahaha!



Alamak..i didnt notice @opy also update hia thread until now. Thanks for compilation yeah...


thanks for the summary, nice!


I help my mum to queue for sheng siong.


I hereby declared @Hachiko the official poll master in IN. He is always so hardworking to do all the compilation and tally the votes..lol


Reply to @Spinning_Top : Polls can be useful sometimes. Hahaha!


Woah! 20 votes for TB! Top choice of IN members.


My choice is CDG. Transportation. Basic needs of people. Foods and drinks got wide variety of choices, so is supermarket. Just my personal opinion. ;D


Reply to @BrotherNo12 : I just can't link cdg with IT component of driverless. the app already sucks

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thaibev,. the only one with proper growth and in an EM country...


DBS....haha kidding!

Tough choice between CDG and ThaiBev. I will go with ThaiBev. Their brand is the moat that will likely last >10 years. Cannot see so far out what will happen to the taxi industry.

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Revision History

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1Q18 Score Card and 2Q18 Outlook

1Q18 Score Card
Mid-term Trading Fund
+8.6% (+13.8% if exclude the Creative blunder)
Position closed: 30 (11 loss, 19 win)
Note: Fun Fund merged into mid-term Trading Fund, no more Fun
Key Winners: $AEM(AWX.SI) $Hi-P(H17.SI) $Best World(CGN.SI)
Key Mistake: $Creative(C76.SI) blunder, premature profit taking on AEM, Hi-P, Best World

Lifelong Investment Fund
+3.8% (included 1.5% divvy)
Position closed: 3 (1 loss, 2 win)
Key Winner: $ComfortDelGro(C52.SI) $AEM(AWX.SI)
Key Mistake: Added $SingTel(Z74.SI) instead of original plan to reduce

US Mid-term Trading Fund
Position closed: 9 (1 loss, 8 win)
Key Winner: $BABA $MU $GOOGL
Key Mistake: Chasing Micron heights

2Q18 Outlook

Mid-term Trading Fund
- Fully deployed during the March dip but bit too early. Hopefully all good in 2Q.
- sitting on loss (-1.4%) as of 30th March
- Position: $UOB(U11.SI) $DBS(D05.SI) $OCBC Bank(O39.SI) $Venture(V03.SI) $UOL(U14.SI) $AEM(AWX.SI) $Hi-P(H17.SI) $Best World(CGN.SI) $Jiutian Chemical(C8R.SI) $Mermaid Maritime(DU4.SI)

Lifelong Investment Fund
- to add SRS for 2018
- eyeing position: $Frasers Property(TQ5.SI) $Keong Hong(5TT.SI) $Keppel DC Reit(AJBU.SI) $Mapletree Com Tr(N2IU.SI)
- Need more ideas

US Mid-term Trading Fund
- Fully deployed before the March dip. Hopefully all good in 2Q.
- Sitting on loss (-5.5%) as of 30th March

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3m view looks encouraging, please don't try 3y view if you want to keep this good feel ;-) Waiting patiently to board again...

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Is this what drives CDG price action today?

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does it have the legs to break the bands and test 2.1?

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My Final Post for 2017 : Self-reflection, 2018 Plan

a.2017 self-reflection
- picked up and applied basics on fa, ta
- enjoyed learning, sharing through IN
- stayed close to market without major injury
- started trade in us market late 2017
- most happy to see stomach muscle building up, at peace when people throw in nonsense, at ease looking at portfolio showing -50%

b.2018 plan / reminders
- continue learn more on fa, ta and put them to use
- continue to strengthen stomach muscle
- stay close to the market, but not too close
- crypto!
- zero hearsay trade
- exit fun fund into mid term trade or long term invest funds
- form a Major-Event-Trade/Invest Fund with specific approach and stocks
- continue srs, cpf top up

1. Lifelong Investment Fund (currently only SRS) - overall +9.6% exclude divvy
$SingTel(Z74.SI) - 31%
$UMS(558.SI) - 13.5%
$ComfortDelGro(C52.SI) - 20%
$Viva Ind Tr(T8B.SI) - 10.5%
$Mapletree Ind Tr(ME8U.SI) - 9%
$Ascott Reit(A68U.SI) - 8%
$Lippo Malls Tr(D5IU.SI) - 8%

a.2018 Plan
- reduce singtel to 15-20% around 3.9
- take profit for ums around 1.2
- range trade cdg till happy to keep for long term
- add banks, reits (com, ind)

b.2017 lesson learnt
- shall let profit run and not take it too early
- shall not jump from one fire to a bigger one
- cut loss made easy when new opportunity found
- cut loss not required if sufficient homework done prior

2. Mid Term Trading Fund - overall just breakeven exclude divvy
$SingTel(Z74.SI) - 15%
$Best World(CGN.SI) - 37%
$Hi-P(H17.SI) - 19%
$AEM(AWX.SI) - 19%
$NikkoAM-STC Asia REIT(CFA.SI) - 4%

a.2018 Plan
- to exit singtel around 3.9ish
- trade best world, hi-p, aem with at least 25% profit targets, let profit run longer
- leave the etfs alone, they will be fine
- continue trading counters with solid business base

b.2017 lesson learnt
- no ithcy fingers allowed
- start to feel comfortable sitting on loss and do nothing
- more comfortable now trading around 10k per trade

3. Fun Fund (small sum which I will never top up) - overall -45% exclude divvy
$Hoe Leong^(H20.SI) - 14%
$Cosco(F83.SI) - 55%
$Midas(5EN.SI) - 17%
$Compact Metal^(T4E.SI) - 3%
$Ying Li Intl(5DM.SI) - 11%

a.2018 Plan
- look for opportunities to exit all of fun fund holdings
- look for quick trade opportunities in stocks with solid base instead
- continue to have more fun in growing Fun Fund

b.2017 lesson learnt
- never ever trade simply because someone shouted buy/sell
- stop loss feature is interesting, it helps it hurts
- i must not waste fund on stocks fundamentally not sound

4. US Learning Fund (small sum as a start) - overall -2.9% exclude divvy
$BABA - 62%
$AAPL - 12%
$GOOGL - 14%
$MU - 12%

a.2018 Plan
- continue what I started, pick stocks which i will never need to cut loss

b.2017 lesson learnt
- everything looks expensive now for investment, but trading possible

5. Crypto
a.2018 Plan
- open an account and start to park some fund in crytpcurrencies

b.2017 lesson learnt
- high risks high return may worth a punt, so long one wont cry for total loss
- procrastination, is a sin
- at times we all need to follow the heart and not the mind, especially in situation when mind is just not enough

Thank you once again to all InvestingNote fellows. Have a great 2018 ahead.


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