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Bitcoin and Fundamentals - Cecchetti & Schoenholtz

An Economist's Take on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies - Douglas L. Campbell

Is Bitcoin A Speculative Bubble? - EconoSpeak


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lynlynnakamori :

Bitcoin will over take USD.....short term pullback in-sight

opy :

I feel damn 'malu' (shame) not have put some money on this sia.

opy :

Reply to @jpeg : Okay! I shall not be malu (talking with saliva dripping badly)...

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theintelligentinvestor :

When friends, who hardly invest, start to buy bitcoin. You know it's almost time.

theintelligentinvestor :

Reply to @LauShiErn : History repeats itself, strippers included! lol

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JeremiahYeo :

Can bitcoin be shorted? Just wondering

JeremiahYeo :

Reply to @jpeg : Maybe that’s why it keep going up. Once the people on the street start buying, then it will be dangerous times

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BrennenPak :

Let's see who is holding on to the last baton.

shanison :

Indeed "the most vertical’ chart I’ve ever seen.

LauShiErn :

Reply to @JeremiahYeo : From the graph if you extrapolate Infinity is also possible...just kidding....(Warning: This is not a post to ask you to buy Bitcoin. Please don't buy bitcoin after reading this.)

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LauShiErn :

I was looking at Bitcoin. Unfortunately I am not TA expert, so I was wondering if it has peaked today on 5 Dec 2017? Any expert TA to help?

opy :

Reply to @LauShiErn : You dare not, I too slow. Hee...

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Make_Money :

when the whole world reports nothing but Bitcoin, you should remember the year 2000 for tech stocks

Arsenal :

Already break $12,000 how far can bitcon fly further

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